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Test rating "secure": Smart Home from Deutsche Telekom is well protected

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  • AV-TEST awards Home Base 2, Speedport Smart 3 and Smart Speaker as "Approved Smart Home Product”
  • Requirements for secure communication with Magenta SmartHome are met
  • Deutsche Telekom offer successfully protects against cyber attacks
Three current devices receive the certificate "Approved Smart Home Product" (01/2020).

The Smart Home control center, voice control and router provide convincing data protection and security.

If you connect your home with Deutsche Telekom, you are always on the safe side. The Smart Home control center, voice control and router provide convincing data protection and security. This is confirmed by the latest security check carried out by AV-TEST's independent IT experts. After an extensive review, AV-TEST GmbH has awarded the recognition to three current devices. They receive the certificate "Approved Smart Home Product" (01/2020). It was tested how securely the networked home can be operated with the Home Base 2 and Speedport Smart 3 control units. 

The Home Base 2 serves as the central control unit in the Smart Home. It connects devices of different brands and several radio standards with each other. The Speedport Smart 3 is a WLAN router with integrated Smart Home function and can be used as an alternative to the Home Base. 

The testers also took a close look at voice control via the Deutsche Telekom Smart Speaker. 

AV-TEST tested the individual devices in combination with the associated mobile application for Android and Apple. The communication between the mobile application, the cloud and the device was put to the test.

Test procedure examines potential security risk

AV-TEST's experts find that the products tested protect customers well from potential hacker attacks. All relevant connections are secured and well encrypted. This prevents third parties from intercepting the data. It is also impossible to read or manipulate the data. Deutsche Telekom customers are also well protected if hackers try to influence data traffic. They don't stand a chance with the company’s smart home products.

The devices tested and the mobile app versions meet all the requirements of AV-TEST certification. This is the sixth time in a row that Magenta SmartHome has received the security certificate. It was the first security test of its kind for Deutsche Telekom's Speedport Smart 3 router and Smart Speaker.

Security and data privacy have top priority

Deutsche Telekom takes the security of its customers' data very seriously. Encrypted connections are standard and protect against manipulation by external parties. Regular and automatic firmware updates for routers and smart home components are also part of the security concept. This ensures that customers are well protected against new threats from the network.

According to the experts, the handling of customer data and the privacy policy are exemplary. Deutsche Telekom provides detailed and transparent information on topics relevant to data privacy. It also processes the data in Germany or other European countries. This means that the strict European data privacy regulations apply. In addition, Deutsche Telekom pursues the principle of data economy. This means that only information relevant to operations is processed. 

The current AV-TEST shows: customers are on the safe side with Deutsche Telekom products. 

You can find more information about Magenta SmartHome at: (German).

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