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Smart illuminated advertising via the Internet of Things

  • LichtWART: a resilient solution for digitally controlled illuminated advertising
  • Deutsche Telekom responsible for the digital networking of LichtWART solutions
  • Convenient control and maintenance via the Internet of Things  

LichtWART provides manufacturers and operators of illuminated advertising with a future-proof digital solution for cutting-edge service. (Image: © Hansen GmbH) © Hansen GmbH

Everyone knows the illuminated signs that can be found in shopping centers and along freeways across Germany. They lend buildings a certain atmosphere. Bertelmann is an SME that designs, installs, repairs, and maintains around 2,000 lighting installations in Germany. In 2020, Bertelmann spun off LichtWART with the goal of providing all manufacturers and operators of illuminated advertising with a future-proof digital solution for cutting-edge service. By taking this clear step forward on the path toward digitalized illuminated advertising, the company was making an investment in its own future. In its search for a digitalization expert, they opted for Deutsche Telekom, and the Bonn-based Group is now responsible for the digital networking of LichtWART solutions. In this context, the Internet of Things plays a key role as the lighting management platform. 

Smart lighting management via the Internet of Things (IOT)

Since light emissions are detrimental to both flora and fauna, they are an important issue for operators of lighting systems. If complaints are lodged or if the authorities impose restrictions, operators may have to modify or even deactivate their systems. 

This is where state-of-the-art digital lighting control can help, and is also why Bertelmann made a timely investment in its own resilience with its LichtWART spin-off. The retrofit solution can optimally adjust new and existing systems to ambient conditions and render the systems future-proof. A smart management system can control the brightness of the lighting systems to suit the ambient conditions and automatically report any defects or malfunctions. 

The LichtWART solution offers M2M connectivity and digital lighting management via the Cloud of Things. The hardware module is installed either in the lighting system itself or in an electric cabinet. The solution also includes a light sensor, antenna, and SIM card. Predictive functions ensure efficient and cost-effective system maintenance. Another big advantage for customers is that the LichtWART solution automatically reports any defects, thus saving time and money. Repairs can be carried out faster too: Instead of having to scale dizzying heights, users enjoy the convenience of being able to control the system directly from their smartphone or tablet. Technicians identify the problem even before they head out and can take the right spare parts along with them. 

Examples of personalized illuminated advertising 

Berliner Bogen in Hamburg is LichtWART’s pilot project. The building has garnered international architecture awards. Its main entrance has been optimally illuminated with a retrofit solution that takes account of safety aspects and the surrounding conditions.


Hamburg’s Dammtor train station (Image: © Deutsche Telekom AG) © Deutsche Telekom AG


“Responsible corporate management is hard-wired into the DNA of a mutual insurance company like HanseMerkur. That is why we paved the way for more sustainable illuminated advertising by deliberately opting for a LichtWART module when upgrading our eye-catching advertisement in Hamburg’s Dammtor train station,” says Eric Bussert, Member of of the HanseMerkur Board of Management, responsible for Sales and Marketing.




VARTA AG is a pioneer in innovative battery solutions based in Baden-Württemberg. As part of its rebranding initiative, all of its locations are to be fitted with new illuminated advertising systems in the course of 2021. VARTA opted for an enterprise version of the LichtWART platform, underscoring that it is also a pioneer in sustainability. “The technology grants us optimal control over our illuminated advertising and helps us lower maintenance and operating costs,” says Fabian Stock, Head of Group Business Development at Varta. “The ability to reduce light pollution by means of smart control was another compelling argument for us.”

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