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Smart Speaker Mini: Speech control for the digital home

  • Just to make sure everyone can #TAKEPART: Smart Speaker Mini for only 1.95 euros per month 
  • Manage your Deutsche Telekom services using only your voice
  • Design skins to give your device that individual look
The Smart Speaker Mini in white stands on a bright living room furniture. Its illuminated ring shines in the colour magenta.

Voice control, Smart Speaker Mini, voice assistant.

Thanks to voice control, everyone in your digital home can now #TAKEPART: Europe’s first smart speaker is now joined by Deutsche Telekom’s Smart Speaker Mini. Rent this smart little brother to provide your home with digital voice control for only 1.95 euros per month. You can also buy the Mini outright at a purchase price of 49.99 euros. 

Bring Deutsche Telekom’s new voice assistant into your home and you’ll find it a useful new housemate. Listen to the radio effortlessly, select your favorite music using Spotify Connect or hear the news and weather – your Smart Speaker Mini will delivers everything you ask. Even your routine chores are made easier with your new household helper: dictate shopping lists to your Smart Speaker Mini or ask it to remind you of things you need to do. 

The Smart Speaker also incorporates Amazon’s Alexa. You can activate it any time you like as your second voice assistant. Once you have enabled Alexa, you can use the two assistants in parallel. 
When Alexa is enabled your Mini will light up in blue instead of magenta.  

The voice assistants in the digital home

Watching TV takes on a new quality: Use your voice to open the Megathek and apps, to select your favorite series, or to switch channel or adjust the volume – as your personal digital assistant, the Smart Speaker Mini can do everything your remote control used to do. 

If you want, you can also integrate your digital assistant into Magenta SmartHome, for example. The Mini will then be able to adjust your room temperature whenever you ask it to, to turn devices on and off and to dim or turn up your lighting levels. The Smart Speaker Mini can also make using the telephone easier. It acts as a hands-free system, allowing you to talk from wherever you happen to be. It allows the whole family to talk to Grandma and Grandpa together. A tremendous way of keeping in touch, especially in these times of coronavirus. 

And if you are already using our larger Smart Speaker in your living room, you can now add the smaller version for use in your kitchen or bedroom. Then you’ll be all set to control your household using smart technology from wherever you are in your home. In addition to the basic black and white versions, three special design skins for the Smart Speaker Mini will be available from June 22. That will ensure that your device will turn heads wherever you place it in your home.

Data privacy "Made by Deutsche Telekom"

The privacy of your data is a top priority for us. The Magenta voice assistant guarantees data security according to European guidelines and offers the highest level of data security. Data is processed exclusively within the European Union and in full compliance with the strict data protection standards followed by Deutsche Telekom. For a safe and smart home that suits everyone’s wallet.

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Deutsche Telekom´s Smart Speaker

Smart Speaker – using your voice makes everything easier

Deutsche Telekom launches the first Smart Speaker from Europe on September 6.