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Smart Speaker – your voice makes everything easier

  • Smart Speaker available from September 6 - also for rent
  • First European smart speaker 
  • Deutsche Telekom data protection standards optimize data security
  • Speaker includes Amazon’s Alexa: two assistants in one 
Deutsche Telekom´s Smart Speaker

Deutsche Telekom launches the first Smart Speaker from Europe on September 6.

The most natural way for humans to communicate is using their voice. Phone handsets, remote controls, switches, and displays are a poor substitute, so Deutsche Telekom launches the Smart Speaker on September 6. Between September 6 and October 31, it will be available for purchase at the special reduced price of 99 euros (instead of 149.99 euros). Alternatively, it can also be leased for 4.95 euros per month.

The Smart Speaker turns a voice into a remote control. It is now possible to simply use voice commands to operate Deutsche Telekom offerings such as MagentaTV, Magenta SmartHome, and telephone services. Adjusting the lighting or temperature at home on demand to create the right mood is no problem, either. Using the remote control to search for a favorite TV series is now a thing of the past. The Smart Speaker even makes phoning a hands-free activity. 

“With the sales launch of the Smart Speaker, Deutsche Telekom is taking its first big step into a new voice control ecosystem,” explains Michael Hagspihl, Head of Consumers. ”In recent months, we have intensively trained our Smart Speaker with our customers and continuously improved our voice assistant. We are pleased that the first Smart Speaker from Europe is now available for our customers.”

Strong partners on board from the outset

In addition to controlling Deutsche Telekom services, the Smart Speaker also incorporates popular applications, such as playing radio shows and helping to prepare shopping lists. It even provides a weather forecast. Spotify Connect playlists offer home entertainment in sumptuous sound quality. Amazon’s Alexa is also incorporated into the Smart Speaker as a second voice service. It can be activated if required, turning the speaker’s illuminated ring from magenta to blue and providing access to thousands of further skills using the same device.

Deutsche Telekom and Orange have joined forces to produce the first European smart speaker solution. Close collaboration between these two European companies is making development of the speaker and the associated voice platform more efficient, and also means they are available to a larger number of customers in Europe. What’s more, the secure processing of customer data in the EU by European companies is becoming ever more important, and this is becoming an increasingly powerful sales argument.

Data privacy made by Deutsche Telekom

The Magenta voice assistant ensures optimum data security. Data is processed exclusively within the European Union and in compliance with the strict data protection standards of Deutsche Telekom. The Smart Speaker is only activated when it hears the wake-up phrase – “Hallo Magenta” – and its microphones can be turned off at the touch of a button for additional privacy. 

Transparent data protection 

Ongoing development and training of the voice platform is fine-tuning the Magenta voice assistant’s comprehension of voice commands, including new terms and a variety of accents. To further improve voice recognition, voice data is analyzed randomly or, in the event of comprehension difficulties, by human language experts. The “Hallo Magenta” app makes clear reference to this practice when the Smart Speaker is first installed and customers can withdraw their consent at any time. The app also includes a function for erasing specific voice data or all such data within 90 days.  

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Smart Speaker – living room

Leave your hands free for more important things – with Deutsche Telekom’s Smart Speaker

Deutsche Telekom is launching its own intelligent voice assistant. The first stage in the rollout will see 1,000 customers train the smart speaker.