Speedport Powerline 100: in-house network through powerlines

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  • Simple networking of a house or apartment through electricity wiring
  • Fast data transfer of up to 200 Mbit/s
  • High security through encrypted data transmission

Set up your in-house computer and media network in just a few easy steps: the Speedport Powerline 100 from Deutsche Telekom turns electric sockets into network connections and the electrical wiring in your house or apartment into a broadband data network. You can quickly and easily connect your media receiver in the living room and your PC in the upstairs bedroom with your Internet router and landline phone jack in the basement. The solution uses established HomePlug Powerline technology. It is especially useful in situations where the floor plan makes network cabling too difficult. Networking through the power lines is also a helpful alternative in larger buildings where steel-reinforced concrete restricts the range of a WLAN.

The Speedport Powerline 100 uses the internal electric wiring of a house or apartment for its data links. You can turn your power lines into a data network with just a few plugs. You don't have to lay any new cable. The adapters are designed as plug-and-play devices and are simply plugged into the sockets like any other plug. The Speedport Powerline 100 enables data communications through the electric wiring in the entire house or apartment at a maximum bandwidth of 200 Mbit/s. A router allows all connected computers and other devices to access the Internet at the same time. Encrypted data transmission ensures high security, while the electricity meter serves as a network termination point, ensuring no data can leak into the neighbor's wiring. The integrated socket means you don't even lose a socket to the adapter - you can simply plug the other device into it.

The Speedport Powerline 100 is intended for both home and business users. The starter package, Speedport Powerline 100 (Duo), contains two Powerline adapters compliant with the HomePlug AV standard, including all the cables needed to connect network-capable devices such as computers, media receivers and game consoles. The package costs EUR 99.99 and single adapters can be purchased for EUR 59.99. This new solution will be available starting April 2010.

Deutsche Telekom at CeBIT 2010 - See you there! You will find us in hall 4, stand D26.

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