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Sustainability Day: Deutsche Telekom reduces energy consumption by at least ten percent until 2024

  • Deutsche Telekom Board of Management explains new sustainability strategy
  • Telekom reduces energy consumption in Germany by at least ten percent
  • Sustainability Day will be streamed live at starting at 2:30 p.m.
Sustainability Day 2022

At Sustainability Day 2022, Deutsche Telekom will present its sustainability goals under the motto "Walk the Talk". © Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom will reduce its energy consumption in Germany by at least ten percent by 2024 compared with 2020. This will be made possible by shutting down various legacy systems. Deutsche Telekom is thus making a contribution to greater energy independence. In subsequent years, energy requirements are to remain stable despite data traffic increasing by 25 percent annually. To achieve this, energy efficiency must be significantly improved. Here, too, the deactivation of legacy systems will play an important role, as the Group is announcing today as part of its Sustainability Day 2022.

Deutsche Telekom has also announced that by 2025, 50 percent of its electricity requirements will be covered by power purchase agreements (PPAs). Supplemented by its own production. PPAs are direct purchase agreements with renewable energy producers. Telekom is thus giving energy producers investment security and thereby further supporting the expansion of renewables in Germany and Europe. 

Deutsche Telekom Board of Management explains the new sustainability strategy in the afternoon

At Sustainability Day 2022, Deutsche Telekom will present its sustainability goals under the motto "Walk the Talk" starting at 2:30 pm. All Board of Management members will shed light on the topic from their individual perspective and present their objectives. The priorities are climate neutrality, full circular economy, diversity and digital participation, and good corporate governance. Deutsche Telekom is already considered a progressive company in the area of sustainability and is rated positively by rating agencies and sustainability investors.

The Sustainability Day will be streamed live from 2:30 p.m. on

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Sustainability Day 2022

On Sustainability Day DT underlines its ambitious sustainability goals under the motto "Walk the Talk".