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T-Systems and Ericsson launch joint campus network initiative

  • Partnership aims to contribute new ways to accelerate 5G campus network roll-out worldwide
  • Integrated packages are available with Edge Computing solutions from T-Systems and Campus Network solutions from Ericsson
  • Enterprises are showing more interest than ever in campus networks

T-Systems and Ericsson launch joint campus network initiative.

T-Systems and Ericsson have combined their expertise to offer a fully integrated set of campus network solutions, which the two companies will make available to partners worldwide.

By forging a partnership based on Ericsson’s Campus Network infrastructure and T-Systems’ Edge Computing capabilities, the two tech giants aim to deliver an integrated End-to-End solution that gives customers a high-quality, seamless service.

We are in the age of things. Systems, sensors and algorithms produce and consume vast amounts of data. The interest in 5G-based campus networks is growing rapidly, as enterprises increasingly require connectivity solutions with high throughput and low latency that do not compromise on security. A campus network based on the 5G standard is ideal to fulfil this new set of digitization requirements high performance, security, reliability. Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence transform data into decisions. Dynamic and flexible processes require relevant information made available reliably anywhere and anytime.

The best of both companies

Based in the already existing agreement between both companies, which is focusing on the German market, the new partnership will now be extended on an international level. As part of the partnership, the two global companies intend to leverage their footprint and offer joint solutions to the industrial sector on a large scale. 

The partners combine best of two worlds. Ericsson´s technology as the leading provider of campus network infrastructure on the one hand. T-System´s edge computing solutions and additional services from T-Systems, based on the highly scalable EdgAir Computing Platform ranging from embedded Systems to high available and massively scalable Frame solutions on the other.

Unlocking new business models

With this high degree of integration, customers of the partners are able to control and manage their 4G and 5G networks according to individual requirements of their business processes and to react quickly to exceptions. This assures bandwidth and prioritized data traffic for the private network in case of excessive load and of critical situations.

This integrated campus solution with its capabilities to deliver low latency, high volume on-site data processing and high data security enable new innovative use cases, efficiency improvements and cost reductions as the basis for new, digitalized business models.

Solutions with scalability

Arun Bansal, Ericsson Executive Vice President and Head of Market Area Europe and Latin America, said: “Enterprise is looking to take advantage of the high level of coverage and capacity of private networks, for future-proof solutions. Alongside our long-term partners T-Systems, Ericsson is powering the next generation of disruptors and innovators, with a customer centred approach and decades of industry-leading experience.”

Adel Al-Saleh, member of the Deutsche Telekom Board of Management and CEO T-Systems commented: “As enterprises look to scale up their digitalization and automation, working together with Ericsson enables us to meet global business needs quickly and securely. We can bring this technology to more customers in a way that is seamless, managed end-to-end, and scalable as customer needs evolve. We’re looking forward to seeing continued success in the marketplace thanks to this close collaboration.”

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