Telekom launches first EU-wide data flat rate

  • Full cost control
  • Easy booking
  • Available for Smartphones, tablet PC’s and laptops

New rates, dramatic price cuts, availability within the European Union (EU), and full cost control - that is Deutsche Telekom's new roaming offering called "Travel & Surf". It is also Europe's first comprehensive data flat rate for smartphones, tablets and laptops. "We want to make sure that our customers can go online when they are on vacation as easily as they do when they are in their home-country," says Edward R. Kozel, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer of Deutsche Telekom.

Parts of the new roaming model will be available for booking in Germany as early as March 1, 2011. From July 1, 2011, Deutsche Telekom will adopt the completely redesigned data roaming model in virtually all of its national companies across Europe. The new cost-effective rates will then be valid across the entire European Union. "Our new model is all about enabling cost control," explains Kozel. "As of this summer, our customers will be able to book their data rates online via a dedicated landing page or SMS, and then regularly check their consumption."

In addition, there will be a dramatic price cut. "Travel & Surf" will accommodate the request of many of Deutsche Telekom's customers for roaming data flat rates.

Depending on their requirements, German customers can book a 10MB day pass for EUR 1.95 or a 50MB day pass for EUR 4.95 for worry-free Web browsing. Once the volume has been used up, it is easy to top up via the landing page or SMS.

The highlight of "Travel & Surf" will be Europe's first data roaming flat rate. For EUR 14.95 a week it will enable virtually unlimited surfing in the EU as of this summer.*

This offering will make customers' concerns about hidden costs a thing of the past. With "Travel & Surf", customers entering their country of destination are informed immediately by SMS and prompted to make a booking. Customers can then select their Roaming Pass directly by SMS or browser link. If "Travel & Surf" customers open the browser at a later stage, the dedicated landing page will open first, displaying the available data rates.

"During the course of the year there will even be an app in most of the countries that enables booking and keeping an eye on the costs," adds Kozel. "This unique combination of a very affordable price, flat rate, landing page, SMS notification and app is a first in the market."

"Travel & Surf" is another milestone of Deutsche Telekom's Connected Life and Work strategy. "Our customers demand smartphones and tablets to stay in touch with their family, friends and colleagues. They want to do all this and have fast Internet access even when they’re on vacation," explains Kozel. "Deutsche Telekom's "Travel & Surf" offers exactly that, and it won’t cost our customers more than a lemonade on the beach."

Fast mobile Internet and ever increasing data volumes are driving the industry’s growth. Deutsche Telekom accommodates this trend with its "Travel & Surf" data plan. For 2012 the company is projecting an increase in mobile data traffic revenue from over EUR 4 billion today to EUR 6 billion. By 2015 revenue is expected to reach EUR 10 billion.

*Speed Step Down possible as usual in different countries.

About Deutsche Telekom AG Deutsche Telekom is one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies with more than 129 million mobile customers, approximately 37 million fixed-network lines and 16 million broadband lines (as of September 30, 2010). The Group provides products and services for the fixed network, mobile communications, the Internet and IPTV for consumers, and ICT solutions for business customers and corporate customers. Deutsche Telekom is present in over 50 countries and has more than 250,000 employees worldwide. The Group generated revenues of EUR 64.6 billion in the 2009 financial year - more than half of it outside Germany (as of December 31, 2009).