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International Telekom Christmas Campaign encourages authentic connection

  • The spot "Questions that matter connect us more" to air in ten countries starting November 4
  • Telekom encourages greater tolerance and unity with a touch of humour.
  • Reviving the classic carol 'O Christmas Tree' with a modern twist.
At Christmas, only one question matters: "Are you happy?"

At Christmas, only one question matters: "Are you happy?" © Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom's international Christmas campaign starts on November 4. The advertisement "Questions that matter connect us more" portrays the typical Christmas scenario: once a year, the family gathers for the most beautiful celebration of the year. There is a joy in seeing each other again, but there are also expectations and sometimes awkward questions from relatives that can quickly dampen the mood. Only one question really counts: “Are you happy?” It is the first international campaign under Deutsche Telekom's new claim: "Connecting your world.”. This is exactly what the new Christmas campaign stands for: real human connections that really count.

The ad will be launched in ten European countries by the beginning of December. It will start in Slovakia on November 4th.

"During the Christmas season, different generations and lifestyles come together, naturally leading to differing points of view and expectations, which are often expressed through uncomfortable questions,” said Ulrich Klenke, Chief Brand Officer at Deutsche Telekom. "At Deutsche Telekom we stand for diversity, openness and tolerance. Everyone should be allowed to live their lives as they see fit. What truly matters is the deep connection we share with those we care about."

Creating emotional closeness with sincere questions

The story revolves around a young man who comes home to his family for the Christmas holidays. Instead of the warmly predicted joy and harmony of the reunion, he is bombarded with questions: "When are you getting that law degree?” “Have you finally found love?” “When are we going to have grandchildren?".

The mood is shaken - until his grandmother comes to the rescue. She asks him the most important question of all: "Are you happy?” This genuine connection between grandmother and grandson ultimately outshines everything else in that moment.

The campaign created by Saatchi & Saatchi promotes greater interpersonal closeness in a light-hearted and playful manner: The spot is musically accompanied by a modern take on the classic Christmas carol 'O Christmas Tree.' The lyrics reflect the emotional state of the main character..



Telekom Christmas ad runs in ten European countries

The campaign will be launched in ten countries, starting with Slovakia on November 4. It will be followed by Germany, Croatia, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Austria and Poland, as well as Romania, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

The spot will be translated into the respective local languages and broadcast as 45-, 40-, 35-, 30-, 20-, 15-, 10-, and 6-second versions on high-reach TV channels. Other components of the campaign include locally adapted promotional materials for print, digital media, OOH, and social media.

Christmas commercial: You Tube

Credits Xmas Spot

Credits Xmas spot:
Creation: MUW Saatchi & Saatchi Bratislava
Production: Armada Films
Director: Adam Hashemi
Music: Viktor Hazard

About Deutsche Telekom: Deutsche Telekom Group profile


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