connect magazine declares Deutsche Telekom mobile network winner of network test

  • Best voice connection and fastest data network
  • Deutsche Telekom wins connect network test by a comfortable margin

Experts at specialist magazine connect have announced that Deutsche Telekom has won its big mobile network test for the sixth time in a row. Deutsche Telekom provides the best performance for both voice telephony and Internet surfing.  And the margin of victory over the competition is pretty impressive.

connect magazine's own testers, working together with well-known network testing partner P3 communications, have identified the network operator that gives its mobile customers the edge. The telecommunications magazine summarizes the results as follows in its first issue of 2017: "Deutsche Telekom has won the 2016 test by a substantial margin over runner-up Vodafone. Both in voice telephony and in the data category, the Bonn-based company has emerged as the country's strongest provider."

Network operators are competing aggressively for customers. That explains why, despite ever more challenging requirements and constantly growing demand, quality continues to improve again and again.

"Specialist magazine connect has singled out Deutsche Telekom's mobile network once again as the winner in its tests for 2016.  For the sixth time in a row. It's an acknowledgment that we're very proud of," says Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, Deutsche Telekom's Director of Technology.  "It illustrates that all the efforts that we have been making for our customers and for the quality of our networks are paying off."

For the testers too, the highest priority was placed on the needs of mobile users. Testing was done under realistic conditions using a customer-oriented test model that measured how each network responded to the demands of a variety of real-life situations. In the country's larger cities, the technology professionals moved about on foot and by car – but they also made tests in smaller towns, on intercity highways and on board trains. They covered a total distance of more than 12,000 km to make their measurements.

While quality and reliability were the central issues in voice telephony, in the decisive discipline of data communication a variety of practical applications were tested. The testers called up a number of popular websites on their smartphones, carried out a variety of data transfer operations and requested Youtube videos.



Summary of the network test

Deutsche Telekom customers have reason to celebrate the best results of the pack in the categories tested by the experts. Vodafone customers have to satisfy themselves with substantially less in terms of network quality, while O2 users will have to show plenty of patience before the fusion with the e-plus network is complete.


Towards the middle of this year, in connect magazine's Issue number 8/2016, Deutsche Telekom's fixed line network proved itself in the magazine's test, winning the competition with a mark of "Excellent". Deutsche Telekom's offerings in the world of TV also proved a winning formula, coming first in a comparative test of IP-TV providers.  

Our 450,000 kilometers of fiber optic cabling, such innovations as hybrid routers for the consumer market and a massive LTE rollout that is already benefiting more than 91% of the country's population, form just some of the foundation stones upon which Deutsche Telekom provides the best possible network experience for its customers.

In the last few years, Deutsche Telekom has invested billions of euros in its fixed and mobile networks. This constant investment effort is now paying off for the customers. It is what ensures that Deutsche Telekom customers always enjoy excellent voice and data quality.

You can find the results of the connect customer-oriented tests here (in German): connect magazine, Issue 1/2017 and

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