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Market launch for interactive video learning platform

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  • Deutsche Telekom Security GmbH enters e-learning market
  • mybreev GmbH and Telekom Security jointly offer digital library
  • First joint venture of its kind to train companies worldwide
Security Awareness Library

Launch of the interactive video learning platform Security Awareness Library.

Fighting cyber gangsters can be this exciting: Interactive video modules make employees and thus their companies fit to take on hackers and digital fraudsters better. A varied mix of films, graphics, texts and quiz modules teaches everything about the dark side of the World Wide Web. What makes IT gangsters tick? Never with a raised forefinger, always psychologically effective. Companies thus strengthen their teams against phishing, executive fraud, extortion software, theft of confidential documents, fraud and other scenarios. 

Learning Netflix style

Classic training methods do not achieve the desired effect of preparing the workforce of companies of different sizes from a wide range of industries in the best possible way for the current threat situation," warns Uwe Röniger. For the managing director of mybreev GmbH, which has been successful in the market for years, the advantages of the Security Awareness Library lie precisely in its flexibility. Users can learn wherever they want, whenever they want and as softly as they want. "The learning behavior and thus the imparting of information had already changed elementarily in the course of the digitization of society," Röniger states. "The worldwide pandemic with its accompanying effects - especially regarding face-to-face events - has accelerated the pace of this change enormously. With educational films based on the Netflix model, we also reach the younger ones. The usability is unique.” 

Anyone can become a target

As a cooperation partner, Telekom Security, with its detailed knowledge of current attack scenarios, provides the training content for the didactic implementation. "The portal comes at exactly the right time - we are experiencing an unprecedented wave of cyber crime," comments Ulrich ten Eikelder, Head of Information Security and Awareness at Deutsche Telekom Security GmbH. "There are only two types of companies: Those that have already been hacked. And those that just don't know it yet." 

Where people work, mistakes are made 

No company can afford a hacker attack or other unwanted incident - whether it's a family business, a mid-sized company or a corporation. Around the world, large and small companies, government agencies, even courts are increasingly being targeted by attackers. They attack in an automated manner, reaching targets of all kinds in mass. Deutsche Telekom registers almost 50 million attack attempts per day, including DDOS attacks at over 100 Gbit/s - and successfully fends them off. The average damage of an attack amounts to around 4 million dollars(1). What is particularly serious is that for years now, human error has been the door opener for criminals in around 90 percent of all cases. Of course, the gangsters rarely if ever attack the IT department, preferring to attack everything else. Covid-19 and the home office have exacerbated this trend, as poorly secured private hardware is all too often used for the job at home, and because distractions have increased(2)

The other side has upgraded 

"If you rely only on software as a firewall, you're doomed. Most of the time, technology helps. But not always. The IT gangsters are becoming more and more professional, and so the defenses must also become more and more sophisticated, " ten Eikelder judges. De facto, a lack of attentiveness can cause enormous damage - a single wrong click can be enough, or other mistakes that happen due to inattention. Smuggled-in Trojans, hacked passwords, encrypted or stolen information and data in offices or on business trips. The consequences: Empty accounts, ruined careers and impending bankruptcy. 

Deployment at Deutsche Telekom AG

This is exactly where the Security Awareness Library comes in. Understand - learn - fend off hackers. At Deutsche Telekom, the Security Awareness Library is used internally to raise awareness among the workforce throughout the Group. On the other hand, the SAL now complements Telekom's commercial portfolio of security awareness products.

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(2)Cybint Solutions, Devon Milkovich: 15 Alarming Cyber Security Facts and Stats. Dezember 2020. -- Cybint Solutions, Alex Aronovich: Why Educating Your Employees on Cyber Intelligence And Security Will Reduce Risk. Juni 2018. -- Chief Executive, Ross Kelly: Almost 90% of Cyber Attacks are Caused bei Human Error or Behavior. März 2017. 

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