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Telekom spans new safety nets for companies

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  • New generation of data networks for large customers
  • German data protection through operation in the Open Telekom Cloud
  • Software controls connections faster
Telekom spans new safety nets for companies

Deutsche Telekom is launching a new generation of network offerings for large customers. The company is breaking new technical ground. Software controls the new connections. Telekom is using technology from its partners Cisco, River-bed, Silver Peak and VeloCloud. The offerings are based on "Made in Germany" and security. Telekom operates the networks from the Open Telekom Cloud. There the strict rules of German data protection apply. Further information on the new offerings can be found here:

Telekom changes technology for wide connections

Software controlled networks are a major trend in the industry. The reason for the change in technology is the massive increase in requirements. Corporate networks include more and more machines and objects with sensors. Today thousands of employees use programs for enterprise resource planning. They access the network. The same applies to analysis programs and services from the cloud. This drives the hunger for data. Video applications also play a role. These run in real time. Future networks will therefore need higher bandwidth and faster response times.

More network performance at mouse click

Until now companies controlled their connections with hardware. If they needed more power, they put their hands on devices. This is inflexible and expensive. In the future no administrator will be able to quickly follow data streams with this technology. This is why software replaces many hardware functions in modern networks. The administrator provides dynamic network performance at mouse click.

Software-controlled networks connect locations faster

Historically grown networks reach their limits for another reason. They can hardly keep pace with the rapid growth of companies. This becomes clear in the case of an acquisition or the establishment of a branch. It often takes days, weeks or even months for a branch to be networked. Software-controlled networks on the other hand integrate new locations more quickly.

Telekom is regarded in the industry as a pioneer for software-controlled connections. The consulting firm ISG rates T-Systems as the world's leading provider of this new generation of networks.

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