Rainer Knirsch

Rainer Knirsch

Spokesperson and Telekom Blogger

Rainer started his career as a reporter; with block, pen and camera in the west and east of Germany. Today, Rainer speaks and writes about company networks as well as exciting projects regarding telecommunication and public authorities – for example health or cyber security.

Articles by Rainer Knirsch

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Digital identities: AOK commissions Telekom with implementation

The AOK community has commissioned T-Systems to provide and manage secure digital identities (GesundheitsID) for the 27 million AOK policyholders.



NextLabs and Deutsche Telekom sign innovation agreement

T-Systems and the German Mechanical and Plant Engineering Association (VDMA in German) are linking their data spaces.

The picture displays a smartphone screen with various Apps and an AI logo in front of the screen.


Deutsche Telekom offers AI protection for company cell phones

Telekom is hunting down cybercriminals with Fischfang. The new offering identifies vulnerabilities in corporate IT.

Image Digital identities


Digital identities: eco-Association and DATEV sign contract with Telekom

Telekom has acquired further customers in the field of digital identities. T-Systems supplies the ID wallet for Gaia-X Federation Services. T-Systems and Verimi are also developing a proof-of-concept ID wallet for tax consultants on behalf of DATEV.

Telekom: More masterminds against cyber attacks


Telekom: More masterminds against cyber attacks

SASE evolves with AI. Telekom is increasingly using artificial intelligence to defend against hacker attacks.