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Rainer Knirsch

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Rainer started his career as a reporter; with block, pen and camera in the west and east of Germany. Today, Rainer speaks and writes about company networks as well as exciting projects regarding telecommunication and public authorities – for example health or cyber security.

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Telekom spans new safety nets for companies


Telekom spans new safety nets for companies

Deutsche Telekom is launching a new generation of network offerings for large customers. The company is breaking new technical ground. Software controls the new connections.

CSS 2018


CSS18: Cyberattacks must be fought like epidemics

The Cybersecurity Summit (CSS) will take place on May 29. This year's summit location is Tallinn, Estonia's capital. Deutsche Telekom calls for an early warning and coordination system, based on the model of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Dirk Backofen (left) with Christian Hentschel, President, Palo Alto Networks EMEA


Telekom Security brings the next security champion on board

Telekom Security will now work with Palo Alto Networks. The Group's security division and the global company together are planning joint offerings. The aim is to better protect companies from attacks on cloud, network and mobile phones. The global company...

T-Systems’ data Fort-Knox in Biere


From the US to Biere – medical professionals move into T-Systems’ data Fort-Knox

The portal "Frag-den-Professor.de" (Ask-the-professor) moves from the US to Germany's largest and most modern data center. Patients now receive medical advice from the Open Telekom Cloud in Biere. Due to the location in Germany, the internet offer benefits...

The global telecommunications alliance ngena is growing to 17 members.


Deutsche Telekom's enterprise network with ngena reaches 200 countries worldwide

The global telecommunications alliance ngena is growing to 17 members. The new members are the A1 Telekom Austria Group, KPN, and VEON, which has operations in Russia and Eastern Europe.