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Rainer Knirsch

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Rainer started his career as a reporter; with block, pen and camera in the west and east of Germany. Today, Rainer speaks and writes about company networks as well as exciting projects regarding telecommunication and public authorities – for example health or cyber security.

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EU celebrates 400 million corona certificates

In the State of the EU report Ursula von der Leyen presented impressive facts.

gematik commissions Telekom with the service hotline for the e-prescription


Telekom answers questions about e-prescription

gematik commissions Telekom with the service hotline for the e-prescription. The hotline will advise insureds on questions about the electronic prescription and the use of gematik's e-prescription app.

Corona Warn App QR-Code


App now checks in with restaurant visits

The Corona warning app gets an important update. The latest version 2.0 has a check-in feature. Now risk encounters indoors can be better recorded.


Westphalia-Lippe gives out 5000 vaccination appointments per minute

The new appointment system of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians of Westphalia-Lippe (KVWL) for Corona vaccinations has passed its acid test. KVWL and the industry partners T-Systems and ServiceNow take a positive summary.



Telekom and Kinexon with new technology to combat Covid-19

T-Systems and its partner Kinexon have developed a warning technology for companies. This enables companies to detect infection chains at an early stage. Ice hockey clubs test.