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The Global Guardian never sleeps

  • Magenta Security has Security Operation Centers on almost every continent
  • Partnership with SIX Group for Switzerland's major financial players
  • New test track for automotive security
Magenta Security has Security Operation Centers on almost every continent.

Magenta Security has Security Operation Centers on almost every continent.

Somewhere is always day - that is the advantage of globally active companies. But do you really want to have your infrastructure, systems and data monitored by someone sitting on the other side of the globe? Studies show that customers have much more confidence when the watchman is near you.

"We rely on a global network of Security Operation Centers to better meet the diverse security needs of a wide range of industries. These are staffed around the clock," says Head of Magenta Security Dirk Backofen. "It is essential to be able to act quickly in the event of a cyber security incident. The sooner it is detected and suitable countermeasures are initiated, the lower the potential damage.” 

Security around the clock

In Germany, Deutsche Telekom is keeping an eye on the cyber security situation from five locations. In addition to Darmstadt, Kiel, Bad Kreuznach and Leipzig, the company even has the largest integrated Cyber Defense & Security Operation Center (SOC) in Europe in Bonn. The security experts work here around the clock, seven days a week. They protect their own infrastructure and that of their customers. 

If you turn the globe, you will find further SOCs in Madrid (Spain), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Puebla (Mexico), Cape Town (South Africa), Budapest (Hungary), Vienna (Austria) and Prague (Czech Republic). Singapore will soon be another point on the globe. Thus the proven services can also be offered in Asia.

Flexible response to special requirements

But SOC is not the same as SOC. Deutsche Telekom has gained a great deal of experience in certain industries over the past 20 years. This benefits the automotive industry, for example. The company bundles its cross-industry experience and establishes a specialized Automotive SOC (A-SOC) for the industry. It analyzes safety-relevant data from the entire ecosystem of the networked vehicle. If a cyber attack is detected, immediate measures are taken according to defined processes. This means that entire vehicle fleets can be comprehensively protected against attacks. The technical core of the A-SOC is a Security Information and Event Management System (SIEM).

New in October 2019 is a live demonstrator including a real test track in Bonn. Around Reuterstraße and Bonner Talweg, interested visitors can experience cyber attacks on vehicles. For example, customers can see the attack themselves and then see possible reactions live in the A-SOC.  Manufacturers in turn connect their own vehicles to the systems. Attacks, for example on brakes, engine performance or systems that recognize traffic signs, are among the many possible test scenarios. 

More range thanks to partners

Together with the SIX Group (Swiss Exchange), Magenta Security is now extending its SOC services to financial companies. The Swiss partner is contributing an existing Security Operation Center to this cooperation. In Germany, Deutsche Telekom had already made a good name for itself with customers in the world of finance. The portfolio in this industry is now growing further. 

More on these topics at Europe's largest trade fair for IT security, it-sa, October 8-10, 2019 in Nuremberg. Deutsche Telekom will be there.



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