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The Open Telekom Cloud opens up for social benefit providers

  • Obligation to maintain data privacy in accordance with § 35 SGB 1
  • Legally securing cloud hosting for social services providers
  • Social data protection in the contract standard
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The Open Telekom Cloud opens up for social secrecy holders.

Companies from regulated industries can now host data covered by data privacy in the Open Telekom Cloud. To this end, Deutsche Telekom has made a Group-wide commitment to maintain social secrecy in accordance with § 35 of the German Social Code I (SGB I). The Open Telekom Cloud thus becomes Deutsche Telekom's first cloud portfolio to cover this statutory regulation as standard.

Hosting social data in the cloud without hesitation

Social secrecy ensures that providers of social benefits do not process the data of their members without authorization. Among others, this affects statutory health insurance funds, pension insurance, employment services and employers' liability insurance associations. They must ensure that third parties cannot view their members' data. "With the obligation to maintain social secrecy in accordance with Section 35 of the German Social Code (SGB I), providers of social benefits can host their data in the Open Telekom Cloud in a legally secure manner," says Antje Rom, a specialized lawyer and in-house counsel at Deutsche Telekom AG Group.

No need for customized contracts

In addition to Telekom, all subcontractors involved in the service have also been committed to social secrecy. "The obligation is a contractual standard. Social service providers no longer need to draw up individual agreements to comply with Section 35 of the German Social Code I if they want to use the Open Telekom Cloud," says Antje Rom.

Highest security guaranteed

The Open Telekom Cloud is provided from Telekom's data centers in Europe. These are among the most secure and modern facilities of their kind in the world. This is evidenced by certificates such as ISO 27001 or TCDP 1.0, among others. The customers rely on highly secure infrastructures and DSGVO-compliant processes - all data remains in Europe. 

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