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Speedport Pro Plus: the premium router for Wi-Fi 6 networks

  • Deutsche Telekom launches first router with Wi-Fi 6 technology
  • Twelve Wi-Fi antennas deliver optimal home network experience: stable parallel connections for numerous devices
  • Magenta SmartHome included
Speedport Pro Plus

The powerful Speedport Pro Plus brings Wi-Fi 6, the next-generation Wi-Fi standard, to the home. © Deutsche Telekom AG

Fast, faster, Wi-Fi 6: Deutsche Telekom delivers high-end internet in customers’ own four walls and takes the home network experience to a whole new level. Deutsche Telekom is now making its most powerful router even better. The powerful Speedport Pro Plus brings Wi-Fi 6, the next-generation Wi-Fi standard, to the home. The premium router makes better use of wireless channels thanks to a new transmission procedure combined with twelve Wi-Fi antennas. With speeds of up to 9,700 MBit/s, the router provides an optimal home network experience.

More stable, faster, more secure

Where you have a high density of Wi-Fi networks - such as in apartment blocks - Wi-Fi 6 ensures trouble-free operation. Even where multiple devices access the Wi-Fi network at the same time. Online gamers and users of data-hungry VR applications in particular stand to benefit from the much faster response times and high stability. The Speedport Pro Plus is also the perfect addition for use with MagentaTV. It supports multiple streams simultaneously in high-resolution 4K/UHD.  

The Speedport Pro Plus ensures digital family life runs smoothly.  Whether it’s a video call in the home office, streaming favorite series, or exhilarating online gaming, young and old can now comfortably run all their digital applications at the same time. 

A “hybrid” with power

Thanks to Mesh Wi-Fi technology the router provides a continuous Wi-Fi signal throughout the home. The MeinMagenta app helps customers set up and optimize their home network with the devices. The Speedport Pro Plus is even more powerful with a combination of fixed-network and mobile-communications technology. The Hybrid LTE optional add-on uses the LTE network and combines bandwidths from fixed-network and mobile communications. Thanks to Hybrid LTE Backup the Speedport Pro Plus offers improved fault tolerance. LTE can be used straightaway as a convenient way of making calls and surfing while waiting for installation of the fixed-network line. The router also offers high-level data privacy and security thanks to new WPA3 encryption.

Speedport Pro Plus in the Endgeräte-Servicepaket – Magenta SmartHome Pro included

The new premium router is from October 15, 2020 on sale online for 389.92 euros or for 9.70 euros a month with the Endgeräte-Servicepaket Plus. The Endgeräte-Servicepaket Plus is now even more compelling for customers thanks to the inclusion of Magenta SmartHome Pro at no extra charge. The Speedport Pro Plus acts as the smart home hub and networks multivendor devices that support different wireless standards. It can be used to control lights, heating, and security cameras using Wi-Fi, DECT ULE, and ZigBee wireless standards in the smart home.

 A wireless stick is available to upgrade to the HomeMatic IP and Schellenberg wireless standards. If the router is faulty, Deutsche Telekom normally provides Endgeräte-Servicepaket Plus customers with a replacement router on the next working day – another compelling feature for customers.

Users and new customers of the previous Speedport Pro model have something to cheer about, too. Starting October 15, 2020, customers with the Speedport Pro Endgeräte-Servicepaket Plus can use Magenta SmartHome Pro at no extra charge and have their faulty router replaced fast.

In addition, all Endgeräte-Servicepaket contracts signed for Speedport Pro from October 15, are available at the reduced price of just EUR 7.75 a month.

About Deutsche Telekom: Deutsche Telekom Group Profile

Hybrid router Speedport Pro

Hybrid LTE option - the wireless turbo for the fixed network

Hybrid LTE option - the wireless turbo for the fixed network
Up to 300 Mbps via LTE can also be used on the fixed network connection