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Together for the future: Vattenfall and Deutsche Telekom collaborating on charging infrastructure

  • Companies joining forces for the rapid build-out of the charging infrastructure
  • Common objective: accelerating the change towards sustainable mobility
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In future, Vattenfall and Deutsche Telekom will work together on the Germany-wide build-out of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. With a joint offering, the companies want to target the owners of electric vehicles as well as companies that wish to offer their customers charging infrastructure on their parking lots. The objective of the cooperation is to simplify the connection to the mains and, as a result, accelerate the change towards sustainable mobility. The project is managed by the VLINK platform operated by Vattenfall Smarter Living GmbH. As Managing Director Markus Reinhardt says: “Thanks to state funding, the sale of electric vehicles in Germany is booming like never before. The demand to install wall boxes is also correspondingly high. We are delighted that, thanks to the collaboration with Deutsche Telekom, we are now able to offer an even faster and standardized process with excellent installation service.”

Deutsche Telekom offers nationwide mobile communication network coverage in Germany. With over 7,000 electricians in its technical field service, Deutsche Telekom is the ideal partner. The company is also able to quickly install high volumes of wall boxes in the consumer segment. “As a result, VLINK can offer the connected partners a scalable solution and, at the same time, a reliable personal service,” says Reinhardt.

Logo: Vattenfall

Logo: Vattenfall

With Deutsche Telekom field service, Deutsche Telekom covers the entire service offering in the field of e-mobility: from on-site consultancy and the professional installation of the wall box to the required registration with the respective network operator. The wall boxes can also be serviced by qualified Deutsche Telekom technicians if requested. “Together with Vattenfall, we will be able to further develop the future market and expand the collaboration with the industry,” explains Andreas Elberg, unit head at T-Systems on site services and central customer contact for Vattenfall.

Online appointments in order to assess the on-site options will soon be offered to interested customers. Here, the individual options at the customer’s site will be digitally assessed via video broadcast and recorded in real time on the VLINK platform. As a result, the technicians receive a good impression of the area in which the equipment is to be installed without even having to visit the site in person. The subsequent assembly and installation of the charging infrastructure can be planned for each individual customer on this basis. Vattenfall and Deutsche Telekom want to launch this additional offer throughout Germany starting Q2/2021.

Vattenfall Smarter Living GmbH is a young business unit of the Swedish energy supplier, Vattenfall. With its high-performance VLINK white label platform, the company gives municipal utility companies the opportunity to process their sales processes – from the first customer contact to the commissioning of service providers and expert partners – completely digitally. VLINK also offers fulfillment services for photovoltaics, storage, and charging infrastructure, as well as access to a nationwide network of service providers across Germany. The objective is to support partners and customers in implementing the energy transition in their own homes. The platform is already being used by more than 50 customers, primarily municipal utility companies.

About T-Systems on site services GmbH
T-Systems on site services GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom and is specialized in IT-development and consultancy services, also in the e-mobility industry. Thanks to its corporate structure, T-Systems onsite is able to react to all types of inquiry quickly and individually – from consumers to large-scale business customers.

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