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Toll4Europe: Approval as European toll service provider

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  • Federal office for goods traffic gives green light
  • A toll box and a contract for Europe's roads, bridges and tunnels
  • Offer also launched for Austria, France, Spain and Portugal

Toll4Europe: Approval as European toll service provider.

The German Federal Office for Goods Transport has approved Toll4Europe as a European service provider for toll collection in Germany. The company has successfully completed the several-month testing process and pilot operation. Toll4Europe now charges tolls for heavy goods vehicles in the German road network.

The company makes it easier for the transport or logistics sector. Customers only need one supplier and one contract on Europe's toll roads. Toll4Europe offers a universal toll box for the truck cockpit. This simplifies toll payments for roads, bridges and tunnels in the member states.

Toll4Europe's toll box has been registered in Belgium since November 2018. In addition to Germany the company now offers its services in Austria and France. The service will continue to start in Spain and Portugal. This also applies to toll tunnels operated by private companies: Toll4Europe calculates the toll for Warnowquerung and Herren-Tunnel in Germany. In addition, there is the Liefkenshoek tunnel in Belgium.

Toll4Europe GmbH, based in Berlin, was founded in 2017. T-Systems International GmbH holds 55 percent of the shares. Daimler AG and DKV Euro Service GmbH + Co KG each hold 15 percent. The remaining 15 percent is held by euroShell Cards B.V.. T-Systems manages the company.

European service complements national toll services

The European toll box is based on the EU directive "European Electronic Toll Service (EETS)". This applies to all EU states with an ongoing or planned digital truck tolling system. Germany transposed this directive into national law in 2014 through the German Toll System Act. EETS supplements the national electronic toll services of the member states.

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 Shell acquires 15-percent stake in toll service provider Toll4Europe

Movement in the European toll market: euroShell Cards B.V. with headquarter in Rotterdam, a company of the Shell Group, acquires 15 percent of the European Toll4Europe - a so-called EETS (Electronic European Toll Service) provider. euroShell will thereby also become one of the sales partners for Toll4Europe’s toll payment services.