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“we care” is making sustainability visible for customers

  • Sustainability label for Deutsche Telekom products, services, and initiatives
  • Two symbols mark contribution to environmental protection and digital participation
  • Sustainable smartphone recycling scheme and “Media sure! But secure.” are first to receive “we care” label
“we care”

Two symbols mark contribution to environmental protection and digital participation.

Deutsche Telekom takes its responsibility for a more sustainable future seriously – and has done for quite some time already. To be even more transparent, the company is launching its “we care” sustainability label, which tells of success stories big and small. It also offers guidance and motivates Deutsche Telekom itself and its suppliers to find answers to problems, including for unusual tasks.

Deutsche Telekom’s new “we care” label makes purchasing decisions easier, particularly helping customers who place greater store by sustainability. For example, it will feature in descriptions of selected Deutsche Telekom products, services, projects, and initiatives. The label covers two categories: “digital participation” and “we care.” The symbol for the former highlights a positive contribution toward solving social challenges in the digital world. The symbol for the latter relates to the environment, covering products, services, and initiatives that contribute to climate protection and the responsible use of resources, among other things.

A short text below the icon outlines the specific benefits, with potential examples including low electricity consumption or the use of recycled materials. Biodegradable packaging offers benefits, too. Serving as an easy-to-understand guide for making decisions, “we care” complements familiar badges such as the Blue Angel ecolabel, which has been granted to many fixed-line phones and all media receivers from Deutsche Telekom.

How is “we care” awarded?

Deutsche Telekom employees suggest products, services, and initiatives for consideration under “we care.” Any advantages for sustainability they identify cannot come at the cost of gross disadvantages for the environment and society. For example, a product that consumes more operating energy than comparable alternatives would therefore be disqualified – even if it benefited from environmentally friendly packaging. Experts, including from Group Corporate Responsibility, review the suggestions, after which a committee consisting of experts from various specialist areas has the final say on whether the label should be awarded.

With the aim of making its sustainability activities more transparent through this initiative, Deutsche Telekom will keep on continuously developing the “we care” label in collaboration with customers, interested parties, and experts. After all, the company is keen for everyone to #TAKEPART.

First sustainable smartphone recycling scheme to sport the “we care” label

Deutsche Telekom will set up Germany’s first sustainable smartphone recycling scheme. From November, customers can trade in their old smartphones – without any hassle and for a fair price. The company will then restore selected devices so they are as good as new, replacing batteries and screens where necessary, for example. After that, the devices are to be wrapped in completely biodegradable packaging. Some customers attach great importance to having a smartphone that’s in mint condition, but they don’t necessarily need the very latest model. Thanks to the smartphone recycling scheme, they can get their new device at an attractive price. It’s good for the wallet and the environment.

Media sure! But secure. – first label in the “digital participation” category

The digital revolution is changing almost all areas of life, influencing the daily routine of many of today’s generations. Everyone should be able to make a positive, active, and equal contribution to shaping these changes. Deutsche Telekom is eager to help make this possible. Since that also means using digital media responsibly and mindfully, the company’s “Media sure! But secure.” initiative promotes opinion-forming and trust online.

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