Deutsche Telekom launches new MagentaEINS campaign

  • Broad-based communications campaign for IFA 2016
  • Commercial episode 16: Clara Heins moves out
  • Two years of MagentaEINS = Two years with the Heins family

Deutsche Telekom is launching a new wide-ranging communications campaign to coincide with the start of this year's IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin (September 2 to 7). Through its slogan – "Besser die EINS. MagentaEINS. Für bestes Netz, Service und Unterhaltung" (Go with the ONE. MagentaONE. For the best network, service and entertainment) – the telecommunications company is underscoring its marketing strategy and highlighting its claim to offer market-leading quality. All the advertising activities center on the MagentaEINS product range and on Deutsche Telekom's award-winning network.

Two years with the Heins family

Deutsche Telekom launched MagentaEINS two years ago at IFA with a cross-media series of commercials that focused on the Heins family. Since then, applications and products from the MagentaEINS range have been covered in sixteen episodes of commercials. "MagentaEINS is a real success story for us – not least thanks to consistent, high-profile market communications. Two years on from its launch, awareness of our product range is at about 77 percent – and this figure is increasing," says Michael Schuld, Head of Communications and Sales Marketing at Telekom Deutschland. "By employing the right strategy, creativity and, most importantly, continuity, we have successfully established a new content-based advertising format that spans all customer contact points in the market."

Clara Heins moves out

Things get very emotional in the latest episode. Daughter Clara Heins (played by Eva Nürnberg) is moving out of her parents’ house and into a shared apartment. Father Walter Heins (played by Martin Lindow) doesn’t want to accept that his daughter is growing up. He helps with the move and we see him imaging Clara as his "little girl" while doing decorating work, at the hardware store and in other typical housemoving scenarios. It is only in the evening, when it’s time to say goodbye, that the father realizes that his daughter really is all grown up now. Director and actor Simon Verhoeven directed the commercial and co-wrote the script. The soundtrack is Billy Joel’s "She’s Always a Woman," performed by Fyfe Dangerfield.

In addition to the main 40-second commercial, there are two more TV commercials and three online commercials that tell us about Clara’s new life with her flatmates. The short episodes shift the focus to the current benefits of the MagentaEINS package and show Clara Heins in a range of scenarios. "The current campaign gives us the opportunity to introduce completely new characters and tell more of the MagentaEINS story using different scenarios from everyday life," explains Schuld.

The new MagentaEINS commercial featuring the Heins family will debut on all high-reach TV stations and online channels on September 2. The campaign will be extended to include POS and out-of-home placements. The latest TV commercial, all other episodes and additional stories of the Heins family are available at

Visit Deutsche Telekom’s booth in hall 21 a at the IFA trade show in Berlin from September 02-07 to experience our products and services live. Deutsche Telekom’s entire presence at the trade fair is carbon-neutral − all CO2 emissions generated in setting up and operating the booth are fully offset by carbon-reduction projects abroad.

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