„Für alle, die Familie sind“

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  • Deutsche Telekom promotes its Family Card with a new vignette-style commercial
  • A repeat collaboration with director Simon Verhoeven
  • The campaign song is "Meine Posse" by the Beginners feat. Samy Deluxe

Deutsche Telekom promotes its Family Card with a new vignette-style commercial.

„Für alle, die Familie sind“ (“For people who know they're family”) – that's the slogan for a new advertising campaign that Deutsche Telekom is launching on January 30, 2017, to promote the company's Family Card and best network. Under a new option, Magenta Mobil customers can add up to four additional SIM cards for any family members they wish to choose, and Family Card holders can save up to 240 euros over the terms of their agreements.

So who or what is a family? The fast-paced new commercial answers that question – generating laughs and good humor in the process – by stretching some vintage clichés. The commercial, put together in vignette style, i.e. with brief, evocative episodes, portrays a series of family constellations, including the Heinses – a nuclear family – and a hippie commune, a music-making middle-class family, a lesbian couple with a child and a group of nudists. The music for the commercial is the song "Meine Posse" by the Beginners feat. Samy Deluxe.

“Today, our kids say ‘posse’ and mean their group, the friends they hang with. Family today no longer means a just a nuclear family, with a father, mother and children. In our new campaign, we emphasize that because the Family Card is not aimed solely at families in the conventional sense,” explains Michael Schuld, Head of Communication and Sales Marketing at Telekom Deutschland. “Magenta Mobil customers can add up to four additional SIM cards and then pass on the resulting savings to family members, other relatives, friends, roommates or housemates or whatever person they happen to be with at the moment.”

The new TV commercial was directed by Simon Verhoeven. The German director, who has a number of movie successes to his credit, notes, “as I would say my film ‘Willkommen bei den Hartmanns’ clearly shows, family is an important film topic for me, in terms of its comedic and emotional potential. It's very nice to see Deutsche Telekom coming back to the family theme again and again – sometimes in a conventional way, and sometimes in unconventional ways, as in this commercial set to the song 'Meine Posse' by the Beginners. As a hip-hop fan, I had great fun casting this highly diverse group of roles – some quite normal, and some quite eccentric – in these posses and family groups, and in producing a clip that shows family as a positive, thriving, modern value. Family today includes nuclear families in the conventional sense, but it also includes all kinds of new and changing constellations. While the value of family continues to be centrally important for our social cohesion, the concept now includes all kinds of groups. It's not just about people who are related in the nuclear-family sense.”

The new commercial launches on January 30 on all major TV and online channels, and it will be supported by an out-of-home campaign.


  • Concept: DDB, Hamburg
  • Production: Czar Film, Berlin
  • Director: Simon Verhoeven
  • Music: Beginners, Meine Posse
  • Media: Mediacom, Düsseldorf
  • Public Relations: Schröder+Schömbs PR, Berlin

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