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New SIP gateway makes IP trunking possible in Europe

  • IP trunk line for 18 European countries
  • Can be used flexibly for up to 50,000 parallel calls
  • Integrated Session Border Controller (firewall for voice telephony) provides protection
SIP Gateway

The telecommunications infrastructure at many companies has grown organically over the years. As a result, every branch office, whether domestically or abroad, has its own PABX and its own phone lines. This causes an immense administrative effort for the IT department, because companies have to order, install, maintain, and manage every local line. That costs time and money.

With Corporate SIP International, the new IP trunk phone line from the 
T-Systems network, companies can manage their telephony centrally and cut down on operating expenses significantly. With its central SIP gateway (SIP= Session Initiation Protocol), Corporate SIP International consolidates all of a company's external voice traffic over the company's VPN (virtual private network). The gateway is the central link to the public telephone networks. This transnational line is currently available for 18 European countries.

One master agreement for all your telephony

Thanks to the central SIP gateway in the VPN, companies only need a single provider for all their international data and voice networks and one master agreement for all countries. They can keep all their current phone numbers. Each voice channel is charged a fixed price, which is identical for all countries. Upon request, customers can be billed separately for each country. In addition, Corporate SIP International meets all country-specific requirements as a full-fledged replacement for a public switched telephone network (PSTN).

With Corporate SIP International, the individual locations no longer need their own phone lines. All locations share the available voice capacities and all use the company's IP-VPN exclusively for company-internal and domestic calls. This cuts down on telephony costs and companies also save on infrastructure. The number of voice channels can be adjusted flexibly on demand. Corporate SIP International enables up to 50,000 parallel external phone calls concurrently. 

Central security management 

Security is also enhanced by this solution: with the centrally managed, network-based, redundant enterprise session border controller (SBC), T-Systems installs a protective layer between the corporate and public phone networks, protecting customers against attacks. The EBC is a kind of firewall for voice telephony, which not only provides professional VoIP security but also ensures effective routing of the VoIP data packets. 

One line for 18 EU countries

T-Systems currently offers Corporate SIP services for the following countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Romania, Spain, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, France, United Kingdom, Norway, Slovakia, Finland and Luxembourg. The connection in Germany utilizes a dedicated gateway. Additional countries and continents will be added successively. 

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