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Fraport gives T-Systems the go-ahead to implement SAP for Fraport in Brazil

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  • Brazilian airports Porto Alegre and Fortaleza digitalized 
  • SAP S/4HANA from the T-Systems cloud  
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Fraport gives T-Systems the go-ahead to implement SAP for Fraport in Brazil.

For its customer Fraport, an international airport operator, T-Systems has equipped the airports in Porto Alegre and Fortaleza with SAP systems from the cloud. For the Frankfurt-based global player in the airport management industry, the roll-out is an important milestone in its digitalization journey.  

In addition to running its home airport in Frankfurt/Main in Germany, Fraport owns, or has interests in, a further 12 airports across the globe. A longstanding customer of T-Systems, Fraport bought the Porto Alegre and Fortaleza airports outright last year and immediately began upgrading their IT landscapes. That included the introduction of dynamic SAP S/4HANA services from cloud – including licenses, consultation, and support – for management of the two airports. Prior to that, Porto Alegre and Fortaleza did not have their own enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Instead, the two airports had outsourced business processes such as procurement, invoicing, payroll accounting, taxation, etc. to an external service provider, which meant a lot of paperwork for the airport employees. 

“Our goal was to install a state-of-the-art system over which our employees have control,” explained Rafael Augusto da Silva, head of SAP Applications at Fraport in Brazil. “The launch of SAP is making us more agile and more mobile, and it is lowering the incidence of errors, for example, in our tax statements.” Now, quarterly reports can be prepared in just three days. In addition to optimized cost and profitability analyses, structured consolidation and management information is now provided in real time.

As Elena Ordoñez del Campo, who is responsible for T-Systems’ global SAP business, underscored: “Thanks to our broad-based expertise, we can help our customers complete the transformation to SAP S/4HANA and upgrade their SAP systems, no matter where they are based.” T-Systems installed SAP and got operations at the airports up and running in two and a half months. T-Systems – Deutsche Telekom’s business customer arm – and SAP have had a close partnership for many years. T-Systems has around 4,000 SAP experts and operates the biggest private cloud for SAP services, reaching some four million users. Only recently, T-Systems’ public cloud – the Open Telekom Cloud – was certified for SAP operations. What is more, at SAP’s in-house tradeshow SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference in early June, T-Systems presented various SAP solution packages designed to pave the way for the digital transformation. The solutions run on either the Open Telekom Cloud or Microsoft Azure.

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