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5Gmmwaves für Industriekunden


From the lab to the factories

Deutsche Telekom offers 5G mmWave for industrial customers in Germany.

Woman with shopping bag opens supermarket door with access card.


The digital corner shop

Flexible shopping around the clock. The start-up myEnso operates 24/7 supermarkets, known as Tante Enso stores. The Tante Enso stores are located in villages and rural communities.

Portrait of Klaus Werner, Director Business Customers, Telekom Deutschland.


Home games for SMEs

An article by Klaus Werner, Director Business Customers Telekom Deutschland GmbH.

Woman with shopping bag opens supermarket door with access card.


Company succession

A third of the executive floor is now over 60 years old. The number of potential successors is declining. Why digitalization can help close the gap.

A technician cuts individual optical fibers using pliers.


Fiber-optic cable as the optical waveguide for fast internet

How is a fiber-optic cable structured? How do optical waveguides work? How are optical waveguide cables laid? Learn more about fiber-optic lines here.

Surprise performance by the Sugababes and DJ HEARTSTRING in Berlin's "Späti".


Telekom and Sugababes launch an unforgettable summer for Gen Z

Telekom has launched its new Gen Z campaign "The Summer To Remember" with the Sugababes. At a Telekom Electronic Beats event, the band also presented the remix of their worldwide hit "Push the button".

Car with the logos of T-Systems and Aurora Labs.


T-Systems and Aurora Labs collaborate for next generation OTA software updates

T-Systems and Aurora Labs have announced today that they will offer Aurora Labs' differential software update capabilities alongside T-Systems' end-to-end Over-the-Air (OTA) platform to the automotive industry.

Deutsche Telekom has installed the 5G campus network on the RTL studios site in Cologne-Deutz.


5G Campus Network for RTL

The media company RTL Deutschland now has its own 5G standalone network, which makes television production even more flexible.