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Visitors can view the concept called “The Bird” at Covestro's stand at “K 2019” in Düsseldorf, Germany.


5G from Simple to Showy: Partners Pimp Antenna Housing

Deutsche Telekom, Covestro and Swedish design institute Umeå develop creative antenna housing.

5G small cell antennas


5G small cell antennas

Deutsche Telekom is now also preparing its network for the use of 5G small cell antennas.

Deutsche Telekom will go on to upgrade its network throughout Germany in 2019.


Deutsche Telekom: splicing, milling, and digging for the network in 2019

Excavators, milling machines, and construction crews will continue to upgrade Deutsche Telekom's network throughout Germany in 2019. The installation of 2,000 new mobile base stations is planned this year.

Men passing by an office building.

Corporate Responsibility

How mobile telephony works

Today, people take it for granted that they can make phone calls or transmit data wherever they are and whenever they want. What is the technology behind this?

Man in front of a large data analyses chart.


Deutsche Telekom targets uninterrupted growth

Tim Höttges at Capital Markets Day 2018: „We want all Group units to contribute to growth.“

Tim Höttges gives speech at impact‘17


Poland can be among the first 5G countries

Today, June 1st 2017, Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Höttges gave a keynote speech at the impact’17 conference in Krakow, Poland.

Green City Solutions' CityTree


Can I take a deep breath, please?

Even though I grew up in a village of just 200 inhabitants, these days I’m drawn to big cities. But what I miss is fresh air.

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