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Klaus vom Hofe

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Klaus vom Hofe, Corporate Blogger. Born 1967. Writing since he was given a Privileg typewriter as a gift in 1977. Other important stops on his journey before joining Deutsche Telekom in 2006: did the civilian service alternative to military service, dropped out of training as a physical therapist, successfully obtained a degree in Slavic and Journalism Studies, and amassed experience in internships, traineeships, agencies and freelancing – working on topics ranging from logistics and security, through drinks packaging, to mobile communications. A background as colorful as Deutsche Telekom, with one Leitmotif running through it: stories with and about people.

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Servicetechniker Matthias Wehrstedt mit Lastenrad


Cycling for top-class service

One-way streets, roadworks, road closures: The daily gridlock in downtown Hanover has prompted Deutsche Telekom service engineers to switch to bicycles to get them to customers. On a trial basis for the time being.



Of Minions, mobility and magenta-colored glasses

Which is the most attractive stand of the entire Mobile World Congress? The Deutsche Telekom stand, of course! But wait. After what feels like a hundred articles about the networks of tomorrow, let’s put aside our magenta-colored glasses for a moment. Only...



"Never violence!"

The words "office job" describe what I do for a living very well. Though I don't spend all my time behind a desk – I'm very often out and about. Still, I do spend most of my time in front of a screen and on the phone, surrounded by friendly colleagues.

Lena Raschke


Show us your apps

In 2018, Google Play and App Store are both celebrating their tenth anniversary. The two software marketplaces generated huge demand. The little mobile helpers that we call apps were to become a central element on our smartphones. So when better to ask a...



Inspiration and tinkering: inventor at Deutsche Telekom

Patents help companies to identify and protect unique selling propositions. Deutsche Telekom now has almost 8,300 of them worldwide. Get a close-up look at one of their inventors.