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Klaus vom Hofe

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Klaus vom Hofe, Corporate Blogger. Born 1967. Writing since he was given a Privileg typewriter as a gift in 1977. Other important stops on his journey before joining Deutsche Telekom in 2006: did the civilian service alternative to military service, dropped out of training as a physical therapist, successfully obtained a degree in Slavic and Journalism Studies, and amassed experience in internships, traineeships, agencies and freelancing – working on topics ranging from logistics and security, through drinks packaging, to mobile communications. A background as colorful as Deutsche Telekom, with one Leitmotif running through it: stories with and about people.

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Special connections

Reboot on the job: if you're lucky, you'll have a mentor or buddy to lend a hand. Do you have a buddy?

 Florian Wüstenhagen and Stefan Brendel


Precision landing with coordinated teams

Excited about a family event, a wedding, or another big party? A day on which everything has to work out perfectly. Mobile World Congress is once a year, 2,400 exhibitors from all over the world have been waiting for it for months. Everything has to work...

Press conference at the Telekom booth, MWC Barcelona 2019.


Huge interest in 5G

The new communications standard 5G has left the research laboratories and can now be experienced. DT is showing the world's first real-time multiplayer augmented reality game and will be launching the first industry campus network.

Everything revolves around fiber-optics


Network planners in rush for fiber-optics

When Deutsche Telekom lays fiber-optical cable to its customers’ doorsteps, the job needs very precise planning. Wladimir Bolt is one of the many technicians who draw up such plans. He invited us to look over his shoulder as he worked.

Screenshot www.t-mobile.at, Tinka


"Do you like soccer?"– chatbot Tinka gets personal

Visitors to the T-Mobile Austria website are sure to meet the chatbot Tinka there. For two years now Tinka has been the virtual customer advisor when it comes to questions about matters related to rates, products and more.