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Klaus vom Hofe

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Klaus vom Hofe, Corporate Blogger. Born 1967. Writing since he was given a Privileg typewriter as a gift in 1977. Other important stops on his journey before joining Deutsche Telekom in 2006: did the civilian service alternative to military service, dropped out of training as a physical therapist, successfully obtained a degree in Slavic and Journalism Studies, and amassed experience in internships, traineeships, agencies and freelancing – working on topics ranging from logistics and security, through drinks packaging, to mobile communications. A background as colorful as Deutsche Telekom, with one Leitmotif running through it: stories with and about people.

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Privacy Bot Award

Corporate Responsibility

Privacy bots: Deutsche Telekom awarded ideas

What should I be willing to divulge to Internet service providers? And how are providers using my data? Intelligent applications are set to provide consumers with guidance on such issues in the future. Following an international competition, Deutsche Telekom...



Always look a gift horse in the mouth

Five months from now it’ll be Christmas Eve. Presents at last. Yet employees and officials need to be sensitive to the issue of gifts all year round.

Screenshot www.t-mobile.at, Tinka


"Do you like soccer?"– chatbot Tinka gets personal

Visitors to the T-Mobile Austria website are sure to meet the chatbot Tinka there. For two years now Tinka has been the virtual customer advisor when it comes to questions about matters related to rates, products and more.

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Ask Tinka

Tinka, the digital virtual assistant on the Website of T-Mobile Austria, answers the customers' questions instantly in text chat – around the clock. Now, just after her debut on Facebook Messenger, she will be appearing at the Deutsche Telekom booth at Mobile...

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The world belongs to the curious

Being curious – it sounds easy, human, even child-like. For those of us in the workplace – including "old hands" and young people just starting out – curiosity is emerging as the key to the digital world.