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Michaela Weidenbrück

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Michaela Weidenbrück, born in 1964, is adding a new string to her bow: blogging. After obtaining a degree in economics, she worked in a number of different positions in other companies before joining Deutsche Telekom in 1998. Her focus has always been on  devices, and she has also been press spokesperson on this topic since 2008. So whenever there is anything new and exciting to report on in the product world, she'll write about it here.

Articles by Michaela Weidenbrück

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Router Speedport Pro auf Regal mit Büchern


Speedport Pro for turbocharged data with gigabit Wi-Fi

Deutsche Telekom’s new premium router delivers lightning-fast Wi-Fi up to 9,600 Mbit/s. The device is designed for enabling support of the new “MagentaZuhause XL” plan and all future network expansion stages.

The new Speedbox


WLAN you can take with you: the new Speedbox

With its new Speedbox, Deutsche Telekom has created a high-speed hotspot that goes where you go. The Speedbox, which has a four-hour battery life, offers customers 100 GB of data for use within Germany.

Deutsche Telekom´s Smart Speaker


Smart Speaker – using your voice makes everything easier

Deutsche Telekom launches the first Smart Speaker from Europe on September 6.

Michael Hagspihl und Dr. Thomas Holzmann (v.l.)


Deutsche Telekom media receivers awarded the Blue Angel

The two products are the first and only set top boxes in the world to carry the German Federal Government’s ecolabel.

Two Speed Home Wifi units.


Achieving the best home network – Deutsche Telekom launches “WLAN Paket plus”

To coincide with IFA, Deutsche Telekom is expanding its home networking products with “WLAN Paket plus.”