Elpida Trizi connects people and stories across our European footprint. She found the way to Germany and Deutsche Telekom in 2011 through OTE, the Greek subsidiary, to explore new perspectives, although admittedly she didn’t speak a word of German at that time. No wonder her name means Hope! She loved writing from high-school time but didn’t actually dream of becoming a blogger. Nonetheless this led her to study Communications & Mass-Media in Greece and the UK. She then spent some time as a freelance journalist before landing in the corporate communications world. Elpida scouts numerous countries and business units for stories worth sharing here. For a more formal background feel free to look her up in LinkedIn.

Articles by Elpida Trizi

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TelCo loves TV

Did you know there exists a world TV Day? Well, yes and it is today! Back in 1996, United Nations proclaimed November 21 as world television day. Since then a lot has changed.

Snow-.covered mountain with Restaurantbuilding on top, antennas to be seen.


Magio TV: a Slovak tale of growth

How much do you actually know about Slovakia? Unless you are a passionate hiker and the High Tatras -with peaks over 2500m and glacier lakes- speak to your heart, probably not much.

Europe Talks is our storytelling learning journey across Europe


Why and how storytelling connects?

Let me share a story. The story of “Europe Talks”.



Why COSMOTE TV “rocks” in Greece?

Have you already seen “Worlds Apart”? Co-starring J.K. Simmons? It is a COSMOTE TV co-production. With more than 600.000 tickets sold it is the most successful movie in the Greek box-office in recent years.

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Check-in please: hotels go digital

How does digitization impact hotels? To answer this let’s look first at ourselves as customers.