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Norbert Riepl

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Norbert Riepl, born in 1960, still knows how to put paper tape in the telex machine. Initially working as an engineer in satellite operations, his career path soon led to more management-oriented areas. In corporate communications, he works primarily as a translator. His speciality are translations from geek speak into layman's terms. He focuses on the cloud and the Internet of Things. But he will certainly slip into other topics every now and again.

Articles by Norbert Riepl

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Santa Claus in winter environment presents a gift.


A digital Christmas2: a few tips from the world’s best known shipper

On Christmas day it gets hectic. Only with IT-Support Santa brings its presents to the children.

The picture shows a magenta cloud with Amazon-Web-Service-Logo inside.


T-Systems expands AWS partner status

T-Systems is moving up in the partner program to become a Managed Service Provider (MSP) of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

You see Santa and a childish elve in bright light, optimizing their logistics with IoT-solutions.


A digital Christmas: a few tips from the world’s best known shipper

Christmas logistics is complicated. That's why Santa Claus also uses modern technology.

The sensor keeps the entire transport process transparent.


Pain point pallet: where are my deliveries?

With the low-cost tracker, I always have my delivery in my field of vision.

The picture shows the port of Hamburg with all its cranes.


Ice cold over the sea

Bananas, bananas. Bananas every day! But how do they actually come to us? In conversation with refridgerated containers.