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Until 2022 Winfried blogged about people networks at Deutsche Telekom.

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A deeper dive into the Telekom Ambassador Community

The corporate influencers for a company are becoming a vital part of its communications mix and Deutsche Telekom’s, Telekom Ambassadors, couldn’t be any less than an integral part of it.

Group picture of TELEKOM AMBASSADORs together with Timotheus Höttges in May 2019


TELEKOM AMBASSADORS: The Corporate Influencer - initiative introduces itself

Influencers for companies are becoming increasingly important. The TELEKOM AMBASSADORS act as such corporate influencers and are presented with ten questions and answers.

Manuela Wild, Senior Expert Escalation Management


Towards more discourse at eye level: Three questions to Telekom Ambassador Manuela Wild

Manuela Wild is a Telekom ambassador with a passion. With her initiatives, she impressively demonstrates that our corporate influencers stand for more than just the color magenta.

Andreas Voß shares his Digital X-Factors.


Your Digital X-Factors: Andreas Voß

What are your DigitalX factors? We asked participants of the pioneer event DigitalX in cologne what their views and purposes in terms of a digital lifestyle are. Discuss with us!