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Your Digital X-Factors: Andreas Voß

160 speakers will inspire the digitization scene over five different stages, discussing the latest trends and sharing their predictions for the future – on October 29, 2019, Digital X will open its doors in Cologne. The two-day event will focus on digital transformation in all its facets.

Andreas Voß shares his Digital X-Factors.

Andreas Voß shares his Digital X-Factors.

In order to gain an insight into varied points of view, we asked participants about their “Digital X”-Factors: which digital field do you work in? What is your view on digitization and what consequences do you expect for our lives?

The impact of digitization on society and communication

Today Andreas Voß gives his views on digital transformation. As head of communications at Air Liquide, he deals, among other things, with the influence of digitization on the communications sector: “In the communications space, I see networking and (perceived) closeness between people as a major benefit.” He also addresses the problems of hate speech and the lack of media competence, for example when sources and facts are no longer adequately checked. Andreas concludes: “For me, digitization means upheaval. That comes with opportunities and dangers.”

The social significance of digitization is enormous; “Digitization redefines how business works, what the public means and how democracy lives – or doesn’t,” explains Andreas. This “creates the impression that modern digital media builds bridges in the private sphere, but tends to create trenches at the societal level”.

More human leadership

But the impact of digital transformation doesn’t stop at the societal problems outlined above. It also has an impact on leadership styles. Although digitization is making data, machines and artificial intelligence increasingly important, Andreas is certain: “Leadership is becoming more human again.” But why? As he explains, it is precisely this automation and big data which are increasingly relieving leaders of the administrative and monitoring aspects of their roles. Instead, another question is coming to the fore for tomorrow's leaders: “How do I introduce creative solutions and new approaches to my team? For this, they use digital tools – and all their empathy.”

What do you think? Do you share Andreas' views? Do you see digitization more as an opportunity or a danger? Let us know in the comments.

Digital X At Digital X, Andreas Voß explains how we can communicate successfully in times of digital change and reveals the tricks of digital communication. Follow his lecture “How digital communication can work” on October 30, 2019 at 14:15, live on the Disruptive Stage or register here for the stream.

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