Pia Hettinger, born in ’86, had always wanted to do “something with media”. As a consequence, she dropped out of her Law studies after only one semester to eventually graduate with a traditional Master of Arts degree. After an internship and trainee program at the Magenta T, she is now also out and about as a corporate blogger. She is enthusiastic for a lot of things, but innovation topics and especially Virtual Reality are her pet passion. She also caringly looks after her other baby, the international Twitter account of Deutsche Telekom: @Telekom_group

Articles of Pia Hettinger

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The future speaks eSIM

After a total of 25 years on the market, SIM cards are about to disappear altogether from our sights. Because the traditional plastic SIM card that has been such a staple in smartphones and tablets are about to be replaced by the concept of the embedded SIM...



A mixture of worlds

What was once thought completely absurd is becoming reality. Our smartphones, 3-D televisions, Xboxes and Playstations have already been whisking us away from everyday reality for years. We often forget what’s happening around us and immerse ourselves in the...

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40th anniversary of the push-button phone

In the beginning, the push-button telephone was not exactly a big success story. On November 15, 1976, the Deutsche Bundespost introduced the device to the public, and it was officially launched in early 1977.



Selfie with the Gorillaz? No problem with THE LENZ

The Gorillaz are about to release their fifth record Humanz. I test the new Augmented Reality app THE LENZ by Deutsche Telekom and get closer to the band from my school days than I would have thought.

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Management changes at Deutsche Telekom

Niek Jan van Damme to leave Deutsche Telekom. Dirk Wössner to succeed as new Member of Board of Management for Germany.