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MWC Barcelona 2022: This is what Deutsche Telekom shows

  • Focus on technology for people
  • Telekom and BMW: Automated parking to prevent scratches 
  • Telekom and RTL: 5G simplifies mobile TV production

Powerful networks and strong partnerships: Deutsche Telekom shows how it is shaping the digital transformation for and with people.

At the MWC in Barcelona, Deutsche Telekom shows how it is shaping the digital transformation for and with people. Self-parking cars, mobile TV productions with pocket-sized technology and borderless connections for the Internet of Things: "Customers benefit from Deutsche Telekom's high-performance networks and strong partnerships. Network innovations and digital applications are always geared to customers' needs," says Claudia Nemat, Member of the Board of Management for Technology and Innovation at Telekom. "For us, technology is not an end in itself. We want to simplify people's everyday lives, both at work and in their private lives. We want to technological innovations to shape a future worth living. We are very aware of this responsibility for all our lives." Dominique Leroy, Board Member for Europe, adds: “We have what it takes to be recognized by our customers as their relevant and trusted digital companion – beyond connectivity. Together with selected partners we will offer them tailormade solutions that support and enrich their everyday lives. All this in a secure and curated environment under a trusted brand. We refer to this as our ‘Magenta Advantage’.”

Open interfaces against scratches

Things are getting easier in narrow parking garages, for example. Telekom has tested automated parking in Munich together with BMW and Valeo. A BMW parked at the entrance to a parking garage drives automatically and without human intervention to the next available parking space. The car is controlled by the backend from Valeo which connects over the public 5G network of Deutsche Telekom. The 5G network offers high reliability and optimized latency, or response time. It thus guarantees the necessary security requirements. 

For the first time, Telekom is making common interfaces available in the public 5G network. These so-called APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are already tailored to specific use cases. They are used to control and configure functions in the network. In this way, the network can always meet the respective requirements with guaranteed quality. For example, the 5G network always transfers the data packets with the same delay (stable low latency). The same applies to the bandwidth: It is also kept on the same level. 

The technology thus helps to solve specific problems. This solution offers a valuable benefit for vehicle traffic and ultimately also for the customers: Since no one gets out of the autonomously parked cars, the distance between parked vehicles can be reduced. Parking spaces are thus used more intensively, and inner cities are relieved of parked cars.

Telekom and RTL: The broadcast truck for your pocket 

5G is more than just speed. One important component of the new mobile communications standard is network slicing. Slicing delivers virtual networks operated in parallel, depending on the application scenario. This allows it to respond flexibly and efficiently to the respective requirements. In Barcelona, Deutsche Telekom is demonstrating how companies from various industries are benefiting from the new network's versatile capabilities. One example is the mobile production of live video content in the 5G standalone network. Deutsche Telekom is testing this together with the media company RTL Deutschland. In the future, high-quality TV-ready videos can also be transmitted reliably and flexibly via 5G connections, even with smartphones. In this way, the partners want to take mobile TV journalism to a new technological level. In other words, the smartphone will practically become a broadcast truck for your pocket.

Telekom and Ericsson showcase innovation in network slicing

Whether broadcasting, logistics or vehicle telematics: reliable connections are important for customers who need to rely on low-latency data connections for response-critical applications. And this also applies to globally located company sites. Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson demonstrate a groundbreaking proof of concept implementation: The partners establish a connectivity with guaranteed quality of service (QoS) between Germany and Poland via 5G end-to-end network slicing. This approach is being presented for the first time worldwide. It particularly benefits global companies that operate latency-critical applications at different, international locations. 

T IoT for borderless connectivity for the Internet of Things

What do connected cars and international supply chains have in common? Quite clearly: they radio positions or status data around the globe via the Internet of Things (IoT). Until now, it has been very complex to build global IoT solutions. It required negotiations with multiple vendors. Each with different contracts and their own billing and support platforms. Deutsche Telekom and 
T-Mobile US are now simplifying global IoT connectivity for enterprises: "T IoT" is the new joint offering for IoT solutions. It covers all the necessary components of an IoT connectivity solution. And all based on seamless network connectivity. Mainly multinational collaborations benefit from simple and flexible IoT solutions.

Fun in digital everyday life - new experience of home networking 

Extending your spouse's shopping list at the supermarket? Checking whether the kids are home yet? Our lives at home are inextricably linked to the digital world. Telekom is picking up on this trend with the MagentaZuhause app. It creates a new digital home networking experience: personalized, comprehensive, secure and seamless. All members of the household can access the app individually and create to-do or shopping lists, for example. So, nothing is forgotten, and everyone keeps track of everything. The interaction with TV sets, routers and home network components ensures reliable high-speed connectivity. And it brings plenty of entertainment as well as numerous partner products and services.

At MWC Barcelona, Telekom is presenting selected products and services for home networking. These include use cases that are already available as commercial products in 2022, such as the WLAN Comfort packages. The goal is the best connectivity with routers and mesh repeaters

Making technology sustainable - for all of us

How can technology become more energy efficient to help us fight climate change? This can only be achieved by adapting and breaking new ground. Telekom's goal: digitization with speed and clear direction and more independence from individual providers and technologies. At the MWC, the company is presenting what is already possible in Deutsche Telekom's green network today. Telekom will show how network solutions can also be tailored to future needs. Another key topic is solutions that pave the way for business customers to enter the circular economy. Or solutions that extend the life of smartphones, tablets and laptops to stop wasting resources. 

Technology that charms

Sensible technology protects the climate and the environment while focusing on the needs of people, companies and society. At MWC Barcelona, Deutsche Telekom is showing that technology can also surprise and charm. To this end, there is an interactive exhibit called "Human Immersive Experience." With it, visitors transform hateful tweets into creativity and a rush of color. Anger is followed by joy and fun. In this way, Deutsche Telekom is sending a clear signal against hate speech and advocating for a hate-free network.

Magenta Keynote

Stay tuned. Claudia Nemat will be reporting live from Barcelona with the "Magenta Keynote" on February 28, at 2:00 pm.

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