Pia takes care of the technology and innovation topics in Corporate Communications: The new communications standard 5G, Fixed Wireless Access or Edge Computing – Technology Innovation is her pet topic. Following university and a trainee program at the Magenta T, she is now out and about as spokesperson and corporate blogger. 

Articles by Pia Habel

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40th anniversary of the push-button phone

In the beginning, the push-button telephone was not exactly a big success story. On November 15, 1976, the Deutsche Bundespost introduced the device to the public, and it was officially launched in early 1977.


T-Labs joins the Hedera Hashgraph Governing Council

Hedera’s distributed ledger technology enables people to securely collaborate and transact online.

Future Block Chain


Aaaah, that's what Blockchain is all about!

Interview: John Calian explains before the first Telekom Blockchain Hackathon, what blockchain is all about – with almost no technical language.


World’s first field tests of 5G NR high mmWave (E-Band)

Deutsche Telekom and Huawei have successfully completed the world’s first multi-cell high millimeter waves field tests of 5G mobile communications with 73GHz mmWave technology (E-Band) under a large variety of real-world environments at the Deutsche Telekom...

Tim Höttges, CEO of Deutsche Telekom, and Park Jung-ho, CEO and President of SK Telecom


Deutsche Telekom and SK Telecom pave the way for the future

Deutsche Telekom and SK Telecom sign Memorandum of Understanding at MWC in Barcelona.