Pia takes care of the technology and innovation topics in Corporate Communications: The new communications standard 5G, Fixed Wireless Access or Edge Computing – Technology Innovation is her pet topic. Following university and a trainee program at the Magenta T, she is now out and about as spokesperson and corporate blogger. 

Articles by Pia Habel

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5G for 40 million people in Germany

Over 3,000 towns and municipalities now with 5G.

“Codename: Neon”, the world’s first edge-enhanced Mixed Reality Multiplayer Experience


World’s First at Mobile World Congress

Deutsche Telekom, Niantic Inc., MobiledgeX and Samsung Showcase World’s First Mobile Edge Mixed Reality Multi-Gamer Experience.

Claudia Nemat, Board member for Technology and Innovation at Deutsche Telekom.


Only technology for people is progress

Deutsche Telekom presents high-performance networks and digital applications at "Magenta Tech Talk”.


Machine Learning makes networks smarter

Artificial Intelligence and Applied Machine Learning Project Group launched by the Telecom Infra Project.



Telekom at Night: Network Modernization in Austria

For our new series “Telekom at Night”, we literally shed light onto the dark: What exactly happens at Deutsche Telekom, while most people are asleep?