Pia takes care of the technology and innovation topics in Corporate Communications: The new communications standard 5G, Fixed Wireless Access or Edge Computing – Technology Innovation is her pet topic. Following university and a trainee program at the Magenta T, she is now out and about as spokesperson and corporate blogger. 

Articles by Pia Hettinger

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Selfie with the Gorillaz? No problem with THE LENZ

The Gorillaz are about to release their fifth record Humanz. I test the new Augmented Reality app THE LENZ by Deutsche Telekom and get closer to the band from my school days than I would have thought.

Future Block Chain


Aaaah, that's what Blockchain is all about!

Interview: John Calian explains before the first Telekom Blockchain Hackathon, what blockchain is all about – with almost no technical language.



A mixture of worlds

What was once thought completely absurd is becoming reality. Our smartphones, 3-D televisions, Xboxes and Playstations have already been whisking us away from everyday reality for years. We often forget what’s happening around us and immerse ourselves in the...

Claudia Nemat.


Mobile World Congress: 5G is getting real in 2019

In Barcelona, Deutsche Telekom will be showing both high-performance networks and digital 5G applications.