Diana Schnetgöke


Crafting tomorrow together

Check out the latest iteration of our employer brand campaign: Question Today, Create Tomorrow. This initiative goes beyond a mere marketing effort – it's an invitation for all existing and prospective colleagues to actively participate in shaping our company's future. Join us on this journey as we seek your valuable input, ideas, and questions to advance Deutsche Telekom forward.

#QuestionTodayCreateTomorrow emphasizes the belief that every individual, regardless of role or experience, can influence our organization's future. 

A young man points to you against a magenta and white background

We invited our colleagues from different countries, with different years of experience, jobs, and roles to be a representative of our campaign to three external target groups: students/Gen Z, junior professionals, and senior professionals with a focus on tech and digital skills. All in all, 19 colleagues joined our photoshoot. Ewa from T-Mobile Czech Republic shared her thoughts on the experience, stating, "The photoshoot was a great experience. All the staff was very supportive. I would do it every day."

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