Christian Fischer

Christian Fischer

Spokesperson and Telekom Blogger

In the Corporate Communications department, I have accompanied the Deutsche Telekom AG Group for several decades from a wide variety of perspectives. Knowing the big picture down to the last detail and having a corresponding network helps me every day as a corporate spokesperson. Being able to see tomorrow's and the day after tomorrow's technology today, assess possible risks and accept the associated communication challenges is what drives me. I share my enthusiasm with young STEM talent in Germany on behalf of my employer, as a member of the board of MINT Zukunft schaffen.

Articles by Christian Fischer

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Chief Security Officer Thomas Tschersich says why security must NOT become a megatrend.


Digitization: Secure Success

Chief Security Officer Thomas Tschersich says why he is looking forward to Digital X and why security must NOT become a megatrend.

Deutsche Telekom and ESA logos in front of the globe in space.


Telekom and ESA: maximizing network resilience

Satellites and airborne antenna platforms will soon expand traditional networks. Joint initiative for more secure, seamless connectivity.


European telcos establish joint venture

Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefónica and Vodafone have received permission from European competition regulators to launch an ad tech joint venture.

Father and son look at the smartphone together.


Fight with us dangerous SMS

Send your examples of malicious SMS to our experts with the short code 7726. More security for everyone.

SK shieldus and Deutsche Telekom Security will share insights in the future


Cybersecurity: Getting even better together

Subsidiaries of SK Square and Deutsche Telekom want to cooperate more closely on digital security issues in the future. They have signed a Letter of Intent.