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How will campus networks change the industry? Let's find out!

Campus networks based on 5G standalone technology offer completely new possibilities for the industry. In the hubraum program, four startups are testing their ideas in Telekom's 5G network at the Center Connected Industry (CCI) on the campus of RWTH Aachen University.  


At the Center Connected Industry at the Campus of the RWTH Aachen Deutsche Telekom implemented a Campus network (source: CCI).

Campus networks, based on 5G standalone technology, offer completely new possibilities for the industry. Especially for mission critical applications that require ultra short response times. The business models and thus the needs of customers vary greatly from industry to industry. A wide range of solutions is required. A perfect opportunity for start-ups to position themselves in this growth area. In early April, Deutsche Telekom switched on the first private 5G network in the Center Connected Industry (CCI) on the campus of RWTH Aachen University. And almost at the same time, our Campus Network Program for startups was launched. Successful applicants can try out now their ideas exclusively in the CCI test environment.

We have included four start-up teams from Germany, Israel and the Czech Republic in the program with very different approaches. In the upcoming months we will work closely with these teams:

  • RobotAI 
    The Israeli start-up also focuses on AGVs. The team focuses on object recognition for navigation and item picking.
  • Neuron Soundware 
    The Czech team optimizes predictive maintenance. To do so, it analyses sound patterns and supplements them with computer vision-based anomaly control.
  • Box ID 
    The solution of the German start-up is all about positioning. They want to solve the question of how objects can be tracked within the entire industrial supply chain.
  • Holo-Light 
    The German start-up develops location and 3D-based monitoring of live machine data via AR glasses or tablets. 

These solutions are now being implemented as a prototype in the CCI. This gives the teams the chance to demonstrate and test them live to interested partners. And perhaps even to be included in our end-to-end range of services for our customers.
There is an exciting time ahead of the teams and us.

I am looking forward to it!
Axel Menneking

Axel Menneking

Axel Menneking

Head of hubraum, the tech incubator of Deutsche Telekom