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Climate protection at the push of a button

A few days ago, somebody asked me what I wanted for Christmas. To be perfectly honest, I hadn't thought about it at all. Coronavirus, the global political situation, climate change and the new normal. These and many other things are on my mind at the moment. But I couldn't stop thinking about my Christmas wish list. A new purse would be nice. Or a yoga mat. I'm also hoping for good health, less stress at work and a peaceful and respectful way of life. And what about climate protection?

Climate protection at the push of a button with the IoT Service Button – for the sake of our nature.

Climate protection at the push of a button with the IoT Service Button – for the sake of our nature.

There are many ways of protecting the environment - avoiding plastic waste and riding a bike instead of taking the car. Buying products from sustainable companies, saving energy and avoiding unnecessary journeys. There's a whole lot more we could do, come to think of it. It needs to be easy - like pressing a button. Like Deutsche Telekom's "IoT Service Button". It launches processes at the touch of a button in city life and retailing. It also works in buildings, logistics, and factories. It works in the Internet of Things (IoT) and helps protect the environment.

The digital button gets trash cans collected when they are full. This prevents unnecessary trips to half-full garbage containers. It reorders materials that have been used up. Only as much stock is ordered as is actually going to be used. It reports faults in the factory to the service engineer. Or informs BMW’s logistics provider that goods are ready to collect. Trips are made for a purpose and less CO2 is emitted. Shops and offices are cleaned at the push of a button. Saving energy and other resources. At University Medical Center Mainz, it supports the care staff's work. The IoT Service Button makes things easier for employees, saves time and costs, and cuts paper consumption.

The digital button can be used anywhere. It is a button with 1,001 possibilities. I am sure there are plenty of examples like Deutsche Telekom's little digital helper. And a lot of companies that are inspired by my enthusiasm. I have added "climate protection at the push of a button" to yoga mat, purse and health on my wish list. 

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