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Services at the push of a button

The retail sector is struggling. Transport costs are on the rise. Consumer behavior is changing fundamentally. Logistics are supposed to be eco-friendly. Digital technologies are helping retail survive and, in many cases, to grow business. They optimize processes and cut costs. And they improve customer service.

An IoT button for 1001 uses

Attention: Employee needed at checkout two. Attention: Employee needed at information desk. Attention: Employee needed at bottle return. In retail stores there are all kinds of situations in which an employee must go into action immediately – for example, restocking shelves, calling up a service engineer, unloading trucks delivering goods, or even emptying trash bins. 

Now there is an intelligent button that can help retailers. The IoT Service Button starts many kinds of processes instantly – for example:

  • as a “Please empty bin” button that tells you when trash containers or bottle-return machines are full
  • as a “Reorder product” button that orders materials or goods when shelves need to be restocked
  • as a “Service needed” button that calls in a technician to repair a cooler or freezer in the store
  • as a “Requested” button that allows transport bins to come into the warehouse or ensures that store fixtures and floors are cleaned.

Just push me

When you push the IoT service button, it sends a message to a Telekom platform on the Internet of Things (IoT). Then an SMS or email is sent to a previously specified addressee. At the same time, the platform sends a response to the digital button saying “help is on the way” or “the service engineer will arrive soon.”

The IoT Service Button can be installed within five minutes. And it works independently, without the need for integration in power grids or enterprise networks. The device is powered by off-the-shelf batteries and consumes very little energy. The costs for required hardware and operation of the digital button are quite low. The device is based on mobile communications technology. Whenever possible it relies on the Telekom machine and sensor network. In other words, the IoT service button can also be used in shopping centers, warehouses, or basements.

More time for customers

The IoT service button optimizes retail processes and opens up additional capacity for other tasks. What’s more, processes no longer need to be tracked manually. This speeds up response times and reduces process costs. And it boosts employee productivity at the same time. In short, retail service improves dramatically, and customers can be served more quickly.


Smart retail

Digitization will ensure the future success of retail.