Martina Weidmann

Martina Weidmann

Corporate Blogger

Martina works in Corporate Communications, where she is the lead writer on the Internet of Things (IoT) and the industrial Internet of Things (Industry 4.0).

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Taxiklingel: call a taxi at the touch of a button


Taxiklingel: call a taxi at the touch of a button

Just one click and the taxi will be right there. Guests order a taxi in restaurants, cafes and pubs at the touch of a digital button. Receptions of hotels, hospitals and retirement homes also rely on the taxi bell from best.ways and Deutsche Telekom.

Connected Things Hub


Connected Things Hub: Optimizing monitoring and management of sensor data

Deutsche Telekom’s cloud-based platform for the Internet of Things supports companies in storing, processing, analyzing and visualizing sensor data.

Deutsche Telekom’s digital event "Accelerate Digital Now".


“Accelerate Digital Now”: Deutsche Telekom‘s own digital HANNOVER MESSE

Deutsche Telekom invites to its digital event "Accelerate Digital Now", which replaces the appearance of the Hannover Messe. The press conference is now a livestream, the exhibitions become info packs.

Deutsche Telekom's digital Crisis Handbook allows quick and coordinated crisis communication.


Digital Crisis Management

Crises hit business customers in a variety of ways. Deutsche Telekom's digital Crisis Handbook can help with fast damage mitigation in an emergency.

Erste Daten-Flat für das Internet der Dinge von Telekom und 1NCE


Ten euros for ten years - Europe's first data flat rate for the Internet of Things by Deutsche Telekom and 1NCE

Deutsche Telekom and 1NCE offer the first pan-European data flat rate for smart devices in the IoT. Customers pay a one-time fee of ten euros and receive a data flat rate of up to 500 MB for the service life of the smart device of ten years.