Elpida Trizi


Croatia: “There is only one TV: The Great TV, and it’s here!”

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This summer there is more to the beautiful season than sandy beaches and blue crystal clear waters, although Croatia is definitely not lacking any of these. There is even more than the much anticipated return of “Game of Thrones”, HBO’s critically acclaimed drama series, partially filmed in Dubrovnik. Small side note: in case you recognized in this article’s title a paraphrase of Jon Snow’s words, congratulations, you are spot on! But what is that other thing that makes Croatia throbbing with excitement? It is the launch of the next generation of IPTV and multiscreen TV services from Hrvatski Telekom earlier this year.

With Hrvatski Telekom Group accounting for more than half of the overall pay TV  market in Croatia today, MAXtv saw the light of day 11 years ago. At that time, pay TV was not yet an established business and TV content was mainly consumed on the large TV screen in our living rooms. Today, the picture is pretty different. Pay TV penetration has increased, with the HT Group capturing a significant portion to establish itself as a market leader. Global trends, present as well on the Croatian market as confirmed by recent studies, show that content consumption and customer behavior is also changing: it is no longer bound to one screen and to broadcasters’ programming but customers demand to have it available anytime, anywhere and on their device of choice, be it smartphone, tablet or PC. Furthermore, the need for a personalized TV experience with tailored content recommendations is also gaining in importance. 

Temperatures soaring? So does MAXtv.

The new generation of MAXtv sets new standards in multi-screen TV entertainment experience thanks to a range of functionalities made available on the Croatian market for the first time. All this comes on top of a strong content mix with premium exclusivities. From live sport events featuring the most attractive competitions such as UEFA Champions League, Europa League and the very popular Croatian Football League, to movies and series from the most acclaimed studios like HBO, as well as kids and regional content. Television services are being taken to the next level of  interactivity, enhancing the multi-screen experience with functionalities, such as rewind, fast-forward, a video-on-demand library etc., being integrated on mobile devices. 

This way a seamless TV viewing experience available on all types of screens, with  a deeper integration of the IPTV and the TVGO services, is allowing simple and instantaneous switching of the viewed program from one screen to another with a simple touch of a button. Meanwhile, through the upgraded application, customers may use their mobile device screens as remote controls for their television sets. This is what customers get as MAXtv To Go service includes a network based personal video recorder (PVR), a video library, together with a broad range of programs, just like MAXtv. All this is made conveniently available through a fresh and exciting user interface that revolves around the customers and adapts to their needs, enabling a superior entertainment experience with easier access to the preferred content. Moreover, both new and existing customers are receiving a new set-top box to fully enjoy the new MAXtv experience. 


  • 21 September 2006: MAXtv, IPTV platform, is the first to be launched within the Deutsche Telekom Group with more than 50 domestic and foreign TV stations at that time
  • MAXtv To Go service is launched in 2011
  • Today MAXtv offers 223 TV channels, of which 27 in High Definition
  • More than 260.000 users watch one of the MAXtv sport channels, which have an average viewership of 613 minutes monthly
  • MAXtv videotheque (video on demand) has more than 3.200 titles on offer
  • Overall 408.000 people, which accounts for ½ of the Croatian Pay TV market today, get TV services from the Hrvatski Telekom Group

Take a look at the new MAXtv trailer here and make sure to check out what’s on next time you happen to be in Croatia on business or holidays!


Simply put a superior personalized entertainment across multiple screens with a fresh and easy-to-use interface. What more could one ask for? Alongside Greece and Slovakia, the path to growth is clear!