Norbert Riepl


T-Systems researches cloud-based quantum technologies

Following in the footsteps of Telekom Innovation Laboratories, T-Systems is now also participating in the PlanQK project (Platform and Ecosystem for Quantum-Assisted Artificial Intelligence), which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics. The consortium now consists of 19 partners and 53 associated partners. These are well-known small, medium-sized and large companies as well as scientific institutions and associations.

The Image shows a robot looking thoughtfully at a blackboard with formulas.

Systems is now also participating in the german PlanQK project.

Among other things, T-Systems operates its own public cloud, the Open Telekom Cloud, which is currently expanding into Europe. So, it makes sense to combine quantum computing and the cloud. Also with the aim of making new technologies accessible to a broad environment. As a new associated partner, the Telekom subsidiary is contributing its experience and requirements with national and international customers. As is already the case with High Performance Computing as a Service. With the help of a one-stop store concept, access can be granted to all the resources required. It is also important that the development does not tend toward a monopoly position, but rather in the direction of cross-vendor applications.

Even though the fields of application are multiplying daily, the focus for quantum computing is currently on 'machine learning' as well as the optimization of other known problems. Challenges exist, for example, in the optimization of transport routes (travelling salesman) or in scientific simulations in physics or chemistry. Materials research, the pharmaceutical environment, and climate and environmental research also involve complex models. 

PlanQK and its partners are laying an important foundation. The platform for research, development, providers and users breaks down knowledge silos. The realization of the 'ideal' architecture and ecosystem developed for this purpose is now being evaluated by T-Systems. Parallelisms with the GAIA-X project only further highlight the importance of this approach. The demand for quantum-based technologies will increase rapidly. However, the market is only at the starting position. All partners in the PlanQK project, including T-Systems, see their work as the first practically usable vision.