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What happens when …

We would build a platform or event, where 300 people from different countries and cultures come together? When these people work together on one topic in one of the hardest workshops ever? When we cherish diversity, internationality and co-creation? I’m confident something powerful will happen that will also shape Telekom’s future.


In co-creation we cherish diversity. © Diversity

It was about time to plan the third international Barcamp in Budapest. An event from employees for employees. A place where knowledge would be shared in several sessions. But this year we want something else. Something new: One topic, exciting challenges, and 300 people from all around the world working and creating together.

To make this happen, employees of the Telekom group are currently voting for a topic we will discuss in the next months and will be our focus to work on for two days in Budapest. And I will tell you now, what we have prepared.

Urban Life in a Smart City

Imagine that on a sunny morning you can already hear the chirping of numerous birds. The city has become greener. You can breathe easier again. Green filter systems keep the air clean. On the way to work there is hardly any traffic jam. 

The traffic is controlled intelligently and even the search for a parking space does not waste any more time. You don't drive your own car to work but sit in a self-driving bus. At your workplace, many tasks are performed by artificial intelligence. That’s why you can concentrate more on creative tasks.

All this is only a small insight into a city of the future. And let's think about the described scenario for a moment: All these technologies and solutions already exist and they can soon be part of our daily lives. But do we want that? What do we have to consider?

I think we simply need to ask ourselves more questions. And it's not just the potential decision-makers in a large company who should be concerned with this, but all of us. How do we deal with data privacy in a Smart City? What innovations make everyday life easier for us? Which innovations might take jobs away from people? Do all passengers feel safe in an autonomous bus and how susceptible are new means of transport to terrorism?

Let us find answers to these questions with as many people and opinions as possible and, of course, with as many different cultures as possible!

Am I or AI?

At least that's how Elon Musk sees it at the SXSW digital conference in Austin. Musk cited Google's Alpha Zero software as an example. Alpha Zero taught itself the strategic game of chess in a very short time and beats any grandmaster. The fear is that the technology will take on a life of its own and people will lose control of it. Do you share this fear?

Artificial intelligence is more dangerous than nuclear weapons.

Elon Musk

Artificial intelligence is already shaping our lives. Partly conscious, partly even unconscious. Examples are the personalized playlists of Spotify or the algorithm of Google and Facebook. Did you know that with the Google image query, which image for example shows a car, the AI is trained at the same time? According to the Tech Trend Report 2019, voice control will also be a matter of course in two years' time. Then every second interaction with a computer will take place by voice and no longer via the keyboard.

Artificial intelligence has long been an important topic at Telekom. We are developing smart speakers and chatbots, fault tickets are processed automatically, our network planning is also based on artificial intelligence, we have set ourselves guidelines for AI and there are still many other broad areas in the Group. We think it’s exactly one of the right topics to work on worldwide with as many voices as possible!

Service Matters

At Telekom, our goal is to create excellent customer experiences. We want to be our customers loyal partner for a lifetime, a partner who can be trusted and relied on. That’s why our focus is no longer on mass consumption but more on customization and personalization. We are not just another company, a contract or a service provider. We are individuals, who know what it’s like to be a customer and adjusting the treatment we give, to what we would look for ourselves. 

Communication with Telekom is on one level with helpful, understanding and compassionate mindsets in a simple but professional language. Our highest priority is to bring VIP treatment to each and every one of our customers and make our customer journey outstanding.

How can we work on that worldwide and what different cultural aspects do we have to face? A topic, worth working on with 300 of our colleagues for two days in Budapest and with all employees afterwards!

Stay tuned and follow us on our journey in creating one of the biggest and hardest workshops in the world. I am truly excited about the outcome of the voting and the amazing event we will all create!


Artificial intelligence. Everything OK?

Optimists hope that AI will solve all problems. Pessimists fear that AI will take over power. Who is right?