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Martina Morawietz

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Martina likes networking on connected things: She is a fan of successfully digitized companies. No blind belief in progress: Martina has a soft spot for standardization and security.

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Smart City App


Smart City App: My city’s services from A to Z

Quit spending ages waiting at the public office but instead calling up information about the city and leisure tips right from where I'm standing? Yes, that's possible. With the „Citykey“ smart city app.

LCMM app in the driver‘s cabin.


Why logistics companies should rely on the driving style app

How to reduce emssions and costs using an app.

A woman and a man sitting on a park bench.


Green, liveable and clever: That's life in the city of the future

"What will our cities look like in the future? From flight cabs, CityTrees and the end of searching a parking lot." A peek into the year 2050.

Container port with ship, truck, plane.


Data hub optimizes cross-border logistics in Europe 

The EU is developing a new common data platform for logistics within the FENIX project. The project partners use Deutsche Telekom's Data Intelligence Hub for this.

Illustration woman wearing dirndl in a truck.


What my digitized Wiesn would look like

As a fan of the Oktoberfest, I have combined the Internet of Things and the fair into five possibilities for a digital Volksfest: all about logistics, from tent setup to Dirndl purchase.