Jim Würz, born in 93, studied political science in Mannheim. Already during his school days he wrote texts - at that time for a regional magazine and about appearances of his own school band. During his studies, experiences at local press, museum-PR and in political communications during the German federal elections followed. He has been a trainee at Telekom Corporate Communications since 2018.

Articles by Jim Moritz Würz

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Industrial Intelligence: Why a successful economy is so important.


Industrial Intelligence: Why a successful economy is so important

Economic development and social prosperity are inextricably linked. The next big challenge: industrial intelligence.

At T-Systems, expert teams focusing on cloud, security and digital services are actively involved in start-up scouting.


T-Systems celebrates 100 days of partnership with Startup Autobahn

T-Systems is celebrating 100 days as a partner of STARTUP AUTOBAHN. In six-month programs, the innovation platform promotes collaborations between groups and young technology companies.

Kenza awarded as "MINT powerwoman”.


Kenza awarded as "MINT powerwoman”

Kenza Ait Si Abbou Lyadini has received an award for her commitment to MINT. The robotics expert received first prize in the Engineer Powerwoman Award.

Hagen Rickmann opens DIGITAL X 2019 in Cologne.


DIGITAL X 2019: Together for the digital future

Yesterday, DIGITAL X already offered a fantastic program. But the second day is in no way inferior. So don't miss any of today's highlights and #takepart here.


The future of mobility in Bonn

"The Future of Data Empowered Mobility" - this was the motto under which representatives of startups and corporations from the tech and automotive industries recently met in Bonn.