Thomas Dannenfeldt

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Member of the Board of Management Deutsche Telekom AG, Finance.

Thomas Dannenfeldt, Board member for Finance (CFO)

Thomas Dannenfeldt, Board member for Finance (CFO)

Thomas Dannenfeldt, born 1966, has been Chief Financial Officer of Deutsche Telekom AG since January 2014.

Prior to this, he was Managing Director of Finance at Telekom Deutschland GmbH, which was founded in 2010. He was initially appointed CFO of T-Mobile Deutschland in July 2009 before also taking on the same position at T-Home in January 2010. When the T-Mobile and T-Home units were merged to form Telekom Deutschland GmbH in April 2010, he became CFO of Telekom Deutschland.

From 2007 through 2009, Thomas Dannenfeldt was a member of the T-Home Board of Management, responsible for the Market and Quality Management department, before also taking charge of the Finance department of T-Mobile.

Up until 2007, he was in charge of sales management, supply chain management and sales development at T-Mobile International for the national companies in Europe. He also headed development and performance of the T-Mobile shops in Europe for T-Mobile International.

After studying business mathematics at the University of Trier, Thomas Dannenfeldt began his career in 1992 at T-Mobile Deutschland with sales tasks in the consumer and wholesale area. From 1995, he held various management posts in the areas of customer service, sales management and process management. In 2003, Thomas Dannenfeldt moved to T-Mobile International, while at the same time working on top projects such as the "Save for Growth" program and, later at T-Home, the "Save for Service" program aimed at cutting costs while enhancing service.

In 2009/2010, he was the Board of Management Representative for the restructuring of the Group under the One Company project and ensured a rapid and smooth transition.