Compliance is the foundation of our business

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The business of Deutsche Telekom is based on integrity, respect and compliance with the law. Compliance is crucial for us.

To sum it up compliance stands for clear rules and doing the right thing. At Deutsche Telekom compliance means to adhering legal provisions, the Company's internal policies and ethical principles.

All of Deutsche Telekom's business depends on these principles. Every individual is called upon to act according to them. This is beneficial everyone: The company itself, its employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders.

Avoid risks – ensure the Company's success

Responsibility for the compliance management system has its roots within the top management of Deutsche Telekom. 

Deutsche Telekom's Compliance unit offers guidance to employees and provides mechanisms and tools to avoid, uncover and follow up infringements. Furthermore compliance officers in the international companies and subsidiaries ensure the implementation of the Group-wide Compliance Program. Chief Compliance Officer, Manuela Mackert, emphasized that "Our strong global compliance network and close international cooperation are an important success factor to ensure that all our employees comply with our rules worldwide." Deutsche Telekom established a comprehensive compliance management system from early on. This way, we reduced risks for the Group and ensured the success of our Company on the long run.

The core elements of our compliance management system are as follows:


Our main focus is on preventing potential misconduct. Through training and innovative measures such as interactive discussion formats, we promote compliance awareness among our employees. In addition, employees can seek advice from the consultation service "Ask me!," which provides tips and helps in uncertain situations.


Deutsche Telekom has set up a tip-off portal. Anyone can provide anonymous tips on potential compliance violations. The tips are treated strictly confidential and are investigated by specially trained employees. We also ensure the security and transparency of our business processes through regular audits.


We have clear rules of what is allowed and what isn't. Compliant, legal behavior is valued – whilst misconduct is not tolerated. We systematically pursue misconduct and impose appropriate sanctions.

Deutsche Telekom is one of the first DAX companies which has its compliance management system externally audited on a regular basis. In the process, its suitability and effective implementation have been repeatedly confirmed.