Compliance Policies

The Deutsche Telekom has introduced the following rules and policies.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is the orientation guideline for everyone in the Telekom Group. It combines our need to abide by the law with our particular requirements of ethical behavior and our five Guiding Principles. It places a demand on ourselves, whilst also being a promise to others.

Group Policy on Avoiding Corruption and Other Conflicts of Interest (Anti-Corruption)

This Policy provides the framework for avoiding corruption and other conflicts of interest. The Policy is supplemented by more detailed policies.

Group Benefits Policy

This Policy governs the acceptance and granting of benefits in relation to business partners from the public and private sector. It includes value thresholds and codes of conduct.

Donation Policy

This is the basis for Deutsche Telekom's standardized and consistent donation commitment. For this purpose, it defines the provisions and framework conditions for lawful, mandatory, transparent procedures when assessing and dealing with donations.

Sponsorship Policy

This Policy provides clear criteria for the execution of sponsorship measures, sets out the general prohibition on corruption for the area of sponsorship and governs the involvement of the sponsorship department, the legal department and procurement.

Principles for Donations in the Political Arena

These principles stipulate that donations by the Group to political parties are prohibited: Deutsche Telekom may not give monetary payments or non-monetary benefits to parties or members of the German Bundestag.

Group Policy on Avoiding Corruption Risks when Working with Consultants

This Policy includes requirements for selecting and monitoring external consultants, agents and similar external intermediaries, and for structuring and executing contracts with them.

Group Policy on Antitrust Law

This Policy shows the legal consequences of a cartel infringement and defines specific rules of conduct for avoiding cartel infringements.

Event Policy

The Event Policy provides clear criteria for planning, executing and following-up events. It stipulates value thresholds for leisure-oriented events and expressly refers to compliance with the Benefits Policy to avoid corruption through invitations to events.

Code of ethics for senior financial officers

This code of ethics defines the framework for conduct for senior financial officers to encourage the honesty, integrity, transparency and ethical conduct of managers when performing their duties.

Digital Ethics Guidelines on AI

The digital ethics guidelines on AI mirror Deutsche Telekom’s understanding of artificial intelligence and its usage. They represent the framework for our fields of application as well as the manner of application of AI technology.