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Here you can find KPIs for Deutsche Telekom's central compliance measures.

Deutsche Telekom stands for transparent and comprehensive compliance management. Therefore, we would like to provide you some information about targets, implemented activities and progresses achieved. We also offer compliance information in our Annual Report and the Corporate Responsibility Report.


We implement numerous measures to prevent and combat corruption and other compliance risks. Our compliance management system is based on the Compliance Risk Assessment (CRA), which we use to identify and evaluate compliance risks and to initiate suitable preventive measures. To this end, we have established an annual Group-wide process. The companies participating in the CRA are selected according to a maturity-based model. 

The CRA in the year 2021 comprised 91 companies - a coverage rate of approximately 95 percent (based on the number of employees of the fully consolidated companies; at T-Mobile US there exists a different CRA system; as of December 2021).

AskMe – Our focus is on preventing potential misconduct. For this, we set up the consultation portal AskMe in 2008. Employees can seek advice from this help desk and can call the AskMe hotline. 

The chart below shows the number of inquiries received, divided into specific issues.

We offer comprehensive information on compliance to our employees via our Social Intranet.
Moreover, we regularly train and sensitize our employees in special compliance trainings. We offer classroom trainings and various interactive eLearning formats regarding compliance topics. For executives and management, tailored attendance training on compliance and anti-corruption is also conducted. Here, managers are shown their special responsibilities and they are informed about trends and changes in jurisdiction.

Participants Compliance Trainings- international

Participants Compliance Trainings- international.


Since 2006, Deutsche Telekom's whistleblower-portal TellMe has offered to all customers, employees, suppliers and all external parties the opportunity to report breaches of laws and internal rules and regulations at any time by e-mail, via the electronic whistleblower portal (BKMS), by mail or by telephone.

Confidentiality is guaranteed in accordance with legal requirements. Every incoming report - regardless of the way of reception - is checked and violations are pursued consistently.

To know the actual compliance situation Group-wide there exists a regular exchange between Group Compliance and the international business units. We have been promoting group-wide cooperation for years with an annual meeting of representatives of all compliance departments of the national companies worldwide, the "International Compliance Days". New initiatives to promote compliance management are discussed there every year.

We promote the exchange of best practices on compliance-relevant topics between all group companies and thus the international development of the CMS through regular (virtual) meetings. In 2021, the focus was on presenting specific tools and processes of some national companies. Independent CMS auditors highlighted some best practices in 2021. Through the exchange, all units can learn from each other and make targeted improvements to their CMS. 


Confirmed cases of misconduct will be sanctioned consistently, in a manner appropriate to the facts and culpability, and in accordance with the relevant legal provisions. 

Tip-offs TellMe




Reports (overall)




Compliance relevant tip-offs




thereof anonymous tip-offs




confirmed misconduct




in investigation




non-plausible/proven tip-offs




Hints: Most of the reports submitted in 2021 were related to fraud, breach of trust, embezzlement, theft, target manipulation and unfair sales practices. Tip-offs reported to portals in a business unit are only counted for the central TellMe portal if Group relevant. Tip-offs reported until 31.12. of the year.

Overview of information received about possible violations of laws or internal rules and regulations via Deutsche Telekom's TellMe whistleblower-hotline

In 2021, Deutsche Telekom received 87 compliance-relevant tip offs via the whistleblower-hotline TellMe. As of December 31, 2021, 7 hints were still undergoing plausibility checks, while 18 cases were found to be not valid after investigation. 62 plausible indications were investigated as compliance cases.

Tip-offs categorized by risk area as of the reporting date Dec. 31, 2021

Risk area


Fraud/Breaches of trust


Unfare sales methods / target fraud


Anti-competitive practices / corruption


Violation of employment contract obligations


DT Code of Conduct


Mobbing / Harassment


Data Privacy


Misuse of company assets


Bypassing policies


Bypassing procurement


Copyrights / Industrial Property Rights




Note: For more information on data breaches, please click here.
For more information on human rights violations, please click here.

There were 62 plausible tip offs. After detailed investigation 2 of these suspected cases could not be confirmed. For 13 suspected cases the investigations had not yet been completed by the reporting date of 31 December 2021.

24 of the 47 confirmed cases led to termination of the employment. In 20 cases, further measures were taken under labor law (written warning, admonition, et cetera). In 3 cases, other consequences (instruction, duty-, procedural- and civil law measures, et cetera) were taken.

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Principles, background and measures for compliance management at Deutsche Telekom.