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T-Mobile US, Inc.

Category 2020



Subpoenas (criminal & civil)


Not Yet Available 

Includes T-Mobile, Metro By T-Mobile and Sprint 

Emergency Requests


Not Yet Available

Includes T-Mobile, Metro By T-Mobile and Sprint

Court Orders


Not Yet Available

Includes T-Mobile, Metro By T-Mobile and Sprint

Warrants / Search Warrants


Not Yet Available

Includes T-Mobile, Metro By T-Mobile and Sprint

On April 1, 2020, T-Mobile USA merged with Sprint Corporation.  In July, 2021, T-Mobile published its 2020 Transparency Report which reflected activities for the merged organization.  These numbers are reflected above in the 2020 column.  T-Mobile USA will publish its 2021 Transparency Report in July, 2022.  

In 2015 T-Mobile US, Inc. (“T-Mobile US”) published its first transparency report for the years 2013 and 2014. T-Mobile US has since published an annual Transparency Report. These reports are available in the T-Mobile US newsroom via

How to interpret the figures?

In the US the given categories are not directly comparable to other countries. The statistics reflect the origin of the data i.e., the categories stated below. The stated amounts represent the number of requests.

Legal basis for Lawful Interception activities and Data Provisioning

  • Electronic Communication Privacy Act, 18 USC 2701, et seq.  (ECPA) 
  • Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, 18 USC 2510, et seq. (CALEA) 
  • Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, 50 USC 1801 et seq.  (FISA)
  • National Security Letter, 18 USC 2706 (NSL).

Competent Authorities 

State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies
State and Federal Government Entities
Civil and Criminal Defense Attorneys

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Transparency Report

DT publishes how the company is obliged to cooperate with government agencies. Please follow the link to the menu, which you can use to select the required subsidiary directly.