Axonize - The startup and its product

The software developers at Axonize have already connected more than 25 million devices with back-end servers that they have developed for a variety of IoT application areas – such as energy management, IoT security, smart home, and healthcare. 


One server for all applications.

Their new product is an IoT server that unifies all applications. Thanks to an extremely flexible IoT back end, Axonize customers get a server that acts like a custom solution – but without them having to dedicate any resources for development. Deutsche Telekom holds a stake in this Israeli startup through Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners.

Product features and benefits

  • Axonize lets customers orchestrate, manage, and link several different IoT applications with one another
  • For service providers and systems integrators who have to scale to many customers in a short amount of time
  • Preconfigured applications can be adapted to specific customer needs
  • Everything is configurable and expansible; no professional services or DevOps are needed for adaptation
  • IoT development time can be reduced from months to days
  • The application is based on AnyApp and runs in the Microsoft Azure cloud
  • The architecture is open for any sensor, any hardware, any protocol, and any system from any industry sector
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A fresh wind

Deutsche Telekom is increasingly partnering with startups, to capture new business areas in the Internet of Things.